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>Was Adolph Hitler A Demon?

>The River Front Times (RFT) in Missouri paid a visit to America’s foremost demonologist in Chesterfield and said they came home with their head spinning.
The foremost expert in Missouri, and maybe America, is William Bradshaw, demonologist. Bradshaw attended the University of Missouri, got a
degree in religion from Yale Divinity School and in 1958 was ordained a minister in the United Church of Christ. He took the pulpit in Pennsylvania and left in three years to go to Scotland for his doctorate.

“Many reputable scholars, especially theologians in England and Germany, had trouble believing that men were responsible for the atrocities of the war, especially the treatment of the Jews,” he said. “Did evil spirits influence German thought? I was the first person to look at the topic. People didn’t understand it. It set me apart. At the beginning, I was apologetic. I wanted to blame the whole thing on Dr. Black, (his advisor who talked him into getting a degree in demonology).”

Dr. Black was St. Andrews University thesis adviser at Scotland’s oldest university, established 1413, and England’s third oldest. He claims he probably wouldn’t have studied this topic had it not been for Dr. Black.

Bradshaw is no charlatan. To him, demons are quite real. “I can’t prove spirits exist,” he says. “I can’t prove God exists, that demons exist, that angels exist. They’re invisible. You can’t touch them, feel them, smell them. But sometimes something so absolutely marvelous and wonderful happens, beyond what you believe is man’s ability to make things happen. Likewise, there are things so awful, so hideous, so dumb, that you just can’t believe man is responsible for that activity. So you look for evidence of Satan.”

Bradshaw says he knows people who were or are possessed. “The number of demon-possessed people compared to the number of people in the world is minuscule,” he says. “But it’s not uncommon. Right now, I would say I know fifteen to twenty.”

All the events in his book, the fictional Sinister Among Us, are based on real life: the president of the college board of trustees who stole money from the scholarship fund. The prostitution ring operating out of a college dorm. The man whose skin broke out in blisters whenever touched by holy water. The woman whose life was a frightful misery until a clergyman determined she was possessed and exorcised the demon.

“Every incident has happened. I’ve been there,” Bradshaw affirms.

The home below was known at Hitler’s Eagle Nest, in Obersalzberg,
Berchtesgaden, Germany. A walk through the tunnel is followed
by a trip in a lift not shown. This was home and headquarters,
second seat of 3rd Reich power. The cliff house is located at foot
of Eagle’s Nest Mountain.

What about Adolf Eichmann? After keeping the prison memoirs of Eichmann in a cardboard box for nearly 40 years, Israel’s state archive released them last year, providing a rare glimpse into the mind of one of Hitler’s top henchmen. “I saw hell, death and the Devil. I had to witness the insanity of annihilation,” Eichmann wrote, according to a typed transcript of the 1,200-page handwritten manuscript. “I hereby endeavor to give an account of this, as a warning.”

Below is a photo of Hermann Goring

who was in charge of the Gestapo and

all other police activity in Germany.

Many believed he was the great “Satan”

perpetrator and prime killer of the Jews’,

their greatest enemy, responsible for

killing or ordering the killing of millions.

Below that are the defendants in the

Nazi Nuremberg trials, with Hermann

Goring seated to the far left with arm

on the bench.