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>Seventeen Reasons Obama Is Dangerous

>By galljdaj, 09-08-08, 09:30 PM

Seventeen Real questions! (From Zimbabwe Star)

1) How Obama won his first election (to the Illinois State Senate) by having his lawyers knock all his opponents — including the black, female incumbent — off the ballot on technicalities, so he could run unopposed.

2) How Obama voted to deny medical care to babies born alive after abortion — a bill too extreme even for Nancy Pelosi (Freddoso has an exclusive interview with the nurse central to the case)

3) A story Obama would like to stay buried in Chicago: How he used his clout as a U.S. Senator to save the corrupt Cook County Political Machine when reformers of both parties tried to challenge the entrenched political bosses

4) How Obama’s wife Michele’s salary nearly tripled in 2005 — the same year he was sworn in to the U.S. Senate and he began earmarking funds for her employer.

5) How Obama’s friendship with the hate-spewing Reverend Jeremiah Wright was no accident — but a carefully thought out personal and political decision.

6) Why Obama thought his association with ’60s-era terror-bomber Bill Ayers wouldn’t matter — an exposé of the insular radical chic of Chicago’s Hyde Park politics

7) How state Senator Obama was paid more than $100,000 for legal work — then helped his client’s company get $320,000 in taxpayer grants. How, at a time when he says he was short of work and short of cash, Obama obtained $112,000, plus campaign contributions, from someone he later made into a government grantee through his public office.

8) Inside Obama’s 17-year relationship and irregular land deal with developer Tony Rezko, whose livelihood depended on sapping the taxpayer for subsidies “I’ve never done any favors for him,” says Obama about Rezko. But he has — lots of them, as Freddoso shows. Why Rezko’s conviction for corrupting public officials might become the Whitewater scandal of Obama’s campaign.

9) How Obama speaks of the days when his family was making $240,000 per year as if he had been suffering poverty — while, just last March, he voted to raise your taxes if you make over $32,500 per year. Then at the Oxford, Mississippi debate he claimed he would not raise taxes on anyone making up to $250,000.

10) The Chicago Machine politician who “made a U.S. senator” out of Obama by giving him plum committee assignments and high-profile legislation in its late stages (often removing the original sponsors), and helping him spread money around through earmarks and “targeted” grants.

11) How Obama avoided taking unpopular stands in the state Senate by voting “present” about 130 times — or simply by absenting himself from tough votes altogether.

12) Obama’s little-known vow to Planned Parenthood in July 2007 — and why it would mean the end of every state, federal, and local regulation of abortion, and the end of all restrictions on government abortion funding.

13) A “new politics”? How, in less than four years as a U.S. senator, Obama has voted for some of the worst special-interest legislation to move through the chamber.

14) How Obama opposes school choice through vouchers or tax credits — while sending his own children to an elite private school.

15) How Obama wants — and has voted — to abolish secret-ballot elections in the workplace when employees determine whether to unionize, allowing unions to intimidate and harass workers who don’t support them.

16) Why Obama’s foreign policy would take its cues from Jimmy Carter’s “Post-partisan”?

17) Why the respected National Journal named Obama the most liberal member of the United States Senate in 2007 — beating out Barbara Boxer, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton… and the previous title-holder John Kerry.