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>Discovering America Discovered Don White

>By Don White
I’m an American and I thought it only right to be allowed onto Barak Obama’s web site. I entered my information, complaints, political feelings – which certainly don’t coincide an inch with Obama and his gang. I told them so.

When it came time to create my blog, which I would suggest all true conservatives do on his blog, I let it all hang out. I copied two Political Disconnect blogs of mine that really should hit home to those people who support this president. Let’s get the word out, even on his own blog.

Now, it will be nothing short of a miracle if those administrating that web site will allow my articles to be printed. The little box I read said they would not be printed right away, they needed to be edited for “moderation.” If someone is stealing your rights, your country right beneath your eyes is it time for moderation? If someone has a gun to your head and wants to hold you up, is it time for moderation? No, it isn’t! Speak up! Use all the force and intelligence available to you to resist tyranny wherever it’s found.

Don White