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>Cheney Was A Good Sport: Object of Many People’s Anger


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WASHINGTON—Organizers reported Sunday that the 44th White House Carnival was a rousing success, raising a record $800,000,066,845 for the federal government—$800 billion of which came from a dunk tank featuring former vice president Dick Cheney.

Enlarge Image Cheney DunkCheney tells more than 200 million Americans to “throw or get the hell out of [his] sight.”

According to Secretary of the Treasury and carnival volunteer Timothy Geithner, the 5-foot-deep tank has provided a much-needed boost to the nation’s flagging economy.
“We expected a big turn out, but this is unbelievable,” said Geithner, adding that it’s tradition for the outgoing vice president to work the dunk tank. “More than half the country has already gone, and there’s still about 20 million people stretching all the way to Maryland waiting for their chance to sink Cheney. We’ll be leaving this booth open for as long as it takes for everyone to get a turn.”
According to carnival sources, a visibly irritated Cheney, clad in sandals and a white cotton robe, arrived at the one-day event shortly before 10 a.m. After removing his robe to reveal a black, 1940s-style bathing suit, the vice president reportedly touched his hand to the water, muttered something to himself, and was then helped up the tank’s ladder by several members of his Secret Service.
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