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>An Obama Presidency Is Dangerous

> Above, author Felix Rodriquez at home at age eight

Above Rodquez parent’s marriage and their beautiful living room
(Above) Rodriquez, left, captured Che Gueveura
Senator John Kerry at Contra Trial and
Vice President Bush meeting with the author, right

Shown above are photos from a book, Shadow Warrier, written by a man who fought in the wars against Cuba’s Castro and other Communist leaders in Central and South America. His name is Felix Rodriquez, shown above after he captured the notorious Communist organizer Che Guevara who caused thousands to lose their lives and their property in those areas.

Rodriquez worked with the CIA and with other nations to protect against Communist aggression. It’s a great book. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to protect the USA against similar aggression that is forming as I write. It centers around the Democratic presidential candidate who, we will find after the election, has very close sentiments for, if not ties to, international communist leaders. Is it any wonder that he has said he would sit down with these people and negotiate with them without any preconditions. He’s one with them.

The author of the book, Rodriquez’s, parents were fairly successful business people, owning lands and a large home in which Felix grew up. The top picture shows him sitting in the hallway of this large home. The third and fourth photos are of an expansive, expensive-looking room in this mansion where they lived. Below that is a photo of the wedding of his parents. Castro confiscated this home, along with hundreds of thousand of homes and other properties. This is what dictators and Communists do. Is Obama going to confiscate your home? All of us have to worry and wonder.

How could corporations, small businesses and people who invest in stocks be more discriminated against than under an Obama presidency.

Consider it–most Americans are investors, in their life insurance policies, 401K programs or privately through the stock market; and especially in our real estate holdings, automobiles, clothing, jewelry, gold and silver and other valuables. All of us with these possessions will be discriminated against in he prevails and I’ll tell you why. That’s 90 percent of America.
Here’s why:

  • We don’t know enough about this unsuccessful, less-than-one term US senator. But little snitches keep falling off his tongue that give us clues. His encounter with Holland, Ohio citizen Joe the Plumber tells us he is a socialist if not a Marxist. When asked about the American dream and taxes, all that Obama could say was he wants to “spread the wealth around” and that that would help all Americans. Indeed, if those are his true intentions (and he says they are) then why at the mention of his intentions are all Americans are left with a cold feeling, wondering how far to the left he really is and how long into his first term it will take him to liquidate our possessions as did Castro when he took the Rodriquez home and all that they owned so that they had to flee to America.
  • We do know he has the most liberal voting record in the US Senate.
  • He has Marxist and Muslim ties and contacts, telling us where his heart is. Many of us believe that when the record at Harvard is unsealed we will find that it was an Arab businessman that paid for his education.
  • We may also find that his Harvard thesis praised socialism–perhaps even Communism–all of this during a time when President Reagan was trying to get Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down that wall” and make his country a market-driven, instead of Communist–economy.We know know Obama’s father and step-father were Muslims and the latter took him to the Mosque on frequent occasions for prayer and teachings.
  • We know when he was living in Indonesia, he attended a Muslim school and has a basic understanding of the Sharia and Muslim beliefs because he was a Muslim, though he is afraid to admit it. His father was Muslim. In fact he named him three Muslim names, Barak Hussein Obama for good reason. Because he was a Muslim and intended for Barak to be likewise, which he was for a period of time before he drifted toward Christianity and was a member of the anti-American Trinity Church of Christ where he met the bombastic Rev. Jeramiah Wright. It was Wright, his mentor, who made news in videos published without his consent capturing his hateful sermons which included Wright yelling time after time ” Not God bless America, God damn America.” Obama was a member of that inflammatory anti-American church for many years (20) before he was forced to make a politically correct decision and resign. All of us wonder why someone as smart as a Harvard graduate took so long to decide.

A Marxist, which Obama is, works to do away with class distinctions. He takes from the rich and gives to the poor, as Obama told Joe the Plumber he would do if elected.

A Marxist eventually eliminates private ownership of property as Russia and Cuba did under Stalin and Castro, respectively. I strongly recommend a book written by a man who grew up in pre-Castro Cuba, a son of successful people who, when he was a young man, worked to free Cuba from Communism.

His name is Felix Rodrequez and his pictures are shown above. He ended up working for the CIA and for other governments including Argentina to hold back the tide of Communism. He is the man who brought down Che Guevara, the well known leader of the Sandinista Communist revolutionaries in South and Central America.

The main point of this article is to reveal to all America that if Obama is elected president it won’t be long before he confiscates our capital via higher taxes. The next part of his plan is to bring our economy so low that he can use it as justification for taking the wealth of the rich and above average citizens, confiscating their lands, homes, and means of production, such as stores and factories. In other words, Obama’s goal is to make of the US a communist nation and of himself its dictator.

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it. But I hope that we don’t have to find out the hard way. If John McCain is defeated, we will soon see major changes in both our economy–not for the better or good–and in the laws that govern this nation that he will argue legitimizes his actions.