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>The Worst Kind of Hypocracy and Discrimination

>To have no choice in a matter — such as what kind of health insurance can I have — is the worst kind of discrimination. Government that does this is called autocratic. This borders of totalatarianism, and I’ll tell you why it is.

In strict communist countries like China and North Korea — where government decides everything for people — you have no choices. You do what they want or they put you in jail. That’s where we’re headed, but Americans have time. They need to wake up and complain to Congress and the Senate. The next thing Obama will do if he gets health care nationalized is he will start deciding what you can do and can’t. For example:
You must

  • go to bed at 10 p.m. and arise at 5 a.m.
  • work at a government owned factory
  • eat only foods prescribed by a government nutritionist
  • stop drinking alcohol and tea
  • Deli foods will be outlawed
  • Private restaurants that have food you like will be eliminated or restricted
  • Only certain brands of vegies, protein, and carbohydrates will be allowed

You see, nationalizing health care is only the beginning — the beginning to nationalizing everything in America. This country will look like Red China if we don’t wake up and see where Obama is heading with this. Read my article on Angst Blogger and let us facilitate your contacting your congressmen. Hurry, time is of essence because Obama vows to have socialized medicine in place by September.

Here’s the scenario. You get married to the greatest guy in the world and in a few months you’re pregnant. No problem, you say. You have health care and it covers pregnancy and obstetrics without deductible. You’re living in America, right, nothing can go wrong. But then one day, very close to your child birth, you read that the Senate and House — and President Obama — have passed a new national health care plan which eventually will become a single payer system. It will severely jeopardize what you can get paid and what you can’t. Because it will be an inferior kind of health care — not as liberal as the medical coverage you now have — you may decide not to have more kids. What a shame … to allow a Muslim like Obama (he said it last night, he’s a Muslim and his middle name is Hussein) taking away rights that as an American you thought were inviolable.

Click on over to my Angst Blogger site and read the entire story. We’ve set it up so you can immediately get your Congressman’s phone number to complain. You can also leave comments which we’ll pass on to your representatives in Washington. This may be your only chance to speak up. Obama wants to have socialized health care in place before September. read the article at Angst Blogger
Don White