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>Governments Cannot Be Charitable

>I provided for my brother-in-law, Paul, an article I wrote about the Magna Carta. This is an excerpt he highlighted that he especially enjoyed and I hope you do, too.

Love your

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 1:46 PM

“Don & Carolyn White”

Loved you article on the Magna Carta. I read it with most interest. Your blog from a quick browse and I will have to inspect closer later is intriguing to say the least.

This is not a socialist or communist state. Government should not exist to make one strata of hardworking Americans lift up another. Helping the poor is the work of individuals, churches and other philanthropic groups. By definition, charity cannot come from government, it derives from the free will of individuals living in a free society, donating resources to those churches and other charitable institutions who, in turn, become the mechanism of giving. Free men, of course, can and do give millions of dollars each year to the less fortunate. But that isn’t good enough for the liberal far right – they want to compel a righteous endeavor, but it becomes self-defeating if it is done by Satan-inspired compulsion that from the foundations of this earth has been frowned upon by our maker because it eliminates man’s agency.

True charity is often encouraged, but cannot be forced. It must come from the heart or it ceases to be charity. Therefore, it is impossible for government to be charitable. It is actually evil when government taxes church donations with the intent of taking over the Church’s role of giving to the poor.

Very well put and I am try to get Linda to use it in her Relief Society lesson this week. It is on Charity. Thank you so much Paul