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>Jack Clark Was A Power Hitter – Jeeter Is A Placement Hitter


Jack Clark talks about Derek Jeter’s hitting struggles

The worst thing for Derek Jeter right now is a good memory. His muscle memory.
Almost as unconscious as the fans ability to recognize Jeter’s quick hands at the plate, or his batting stance verses Alex Rodriguez’s, muscle memory is what allows Jeter to complete his swing the same way every at bat. It’s the muscles working without conscious effort, after years and years of repetition.
Jack Clark, who played in the majors for 18 years, knows about muscle memory. Having a great career as a hitter has helped him appreciate offense. He’s watched and admired Jeter for years and he understands what he’s going through.
“You hate to see a guy who’s been so good and who’s going to get 3000 hits struggle a little bit,” says Clark. “I went through the same thing as a hitter. I failed a lot and made a lot of adjustments throughout my career. If I were to have somebody telling me the things I learned later I wouldn’t have had to give away so many at bats.”