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>Isn’t It Time To Forget What Buffett Says?

>Recently a new report to Congress warned the government’s maximum exposure on the financial sector bailouts could total nearly $24 trillion. That’s $80,000 for every American!
The figures are part of a tough new quarterly report from special inspector general Neil Barofsky. He accused the Treasury Department of repeatedly failing to adopt recommendations aimed at making the government financial rescue effort more accountable and transparent.
There is one man who predicted all of this many years ago – Milton Friedman. Below is a special message from Financial Intelligence Report. A message that will help you stay ahead of the Obama policies and help you protect your wealth.
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Financial Intelligence Report


Predicts the
of the Dollar
The late, great Milton Friedman
in his classic book prophetically
revealed how Obama’s reckless
monetary policies will cause hyperinflation and destroy our nation

Dear Investor:
Everything Barack Obama, the Federal Reserve, and Congress are doing was predicted in startling detail almost two decades ago by a famous Nobel Prize-winning economist.
His name was Milton Friedman.
Though he passed away in 2006, in his prophetic book, Friedman showed how, facing massive deficits, the U.S. government would dramatically increase the money supply; why foreign countries would stop buying our debt; how the Fed would start buying our Treasury bills; and why this would call cause massive inflation.
He even predicted that our officials would claim inflation was no problem at all.
Amazingly all of this is coming to pass!
Make no mistake about it — the Obama administration is embracing massive inflationary deficit spending.
In just a few months, Barrack Obama has more than doubled the U.S. money supply…committed the government to nearly $24 trillion in new spending . . . and warned the American people to expect trillion-dollar deficits for the foreseeable future.
While the media has been falling over itself to praise Obama’s “bold initiatives,” the question no one has been asking is, “Where is all of this money coming from?”
Decades ago, Milton Friedman answered these questions clearly and precisely in his insightful — and very topical book, Money Mischief: Episodes in Monetary History.
In Money Mischief, Friedman even warned that the coming inflation could “destroy” our country.
Here’s what he wrote: “Inflation is a disease, a dangerous and sometimes fatal disease that, if not checked in time, can destroy a society.” (Money Mischief, Page 191)
You see the end result of that process in countries like Zimbabwe today, where prices double every day, and it now takes a $10 billion Zimbabwe note to buy a single loaf of bread – assuming you can find one.
Could America suffer the same fate? Friedman wrote ominously, “The Fate of a Country Is Inseparable From the Fate of Its Currency.”
Even Warren Buffett recently admitted on CNBC that the only way for the U.S. to solve it’s woes was to inflate the currency.
There is little doubt that Obama’s massive deficit spending will doom the dollar and our economy.
You need to find out what is really happening to our economy and your wealth and get a copy of Milton Friedman’s pathbreaking book, Money Mischief.
Its insights are so relevant and shocking — it reads like it was just published for our times!
Friedman also tells how the U.S. and the West could still avoid hyperinflation, even with unbacked paper currency.