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>Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum

Actually, I like vacuuming. We bought a lightweight Dyson rug vacuum a while back and now you’re not going to believe what I am going to say. I really like to use the Dyson. It has that big ball flexibility–so you can turn corners sharp…and it picks up everything.

It’s the technology, stupid. That’s what I like about the name Dyson. If I had some investing money I’d buy into the company. The newest version of vacuuming heaven is their hand-held macho thrill-giver of a vacuum. Beats pushing a big, heavy, snarling piece of hardware around the room.

It’s the Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum that I’ve grown insanely in love with. It does banish lint, dust, and dirt–everything that gets in our way and trips us up. I can’t afford another fall. I fell from a ladder a month ago and haven’t been the same since. Don’t worry about the Dyson. No, it’s not too heavy for the average female 12 and over.

If you do have Frito leavings, I’d suggest you change your habits of leaving food on the table or floor. In Florida there’re such things as thumb-size cockroaches and silverfish that devour everthing in sight. On second thought, why buy a vacuum. Just tear off your cage screen and open your sliders and let in the bugs. They’re pretty good at eating everthing in sight, especially you. That’s the catch. They bite like criminy sophocles, but the Dyson will never inflict any pain on you. It’s too light and effective. This cordless wonder has the same cyclone technology as in Dyson’s upright vacs. That’s what sold me, I own one. It’s not just a magic air sucker, it’s a cyclone! Like mighty Zeus, we dispatch the very power of nature itself to scourge our heathen enemy! Dust and grime trembles before us, even little bits of fuzz, food, hair, lawn from your shoes, and black dots that I don’t know wither they came.