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>Attracting Men By Reverse Psychology

>2008 All Rights Reserved. –

Attracting Men By Reverse Psychology Donald White

Attracting Men
By Reverse Psychology
Donald Bruce and Donald White

2006, All Rights Reserved.

2006 All Rights Reserved. –
Attracting Men Reversed
By Donald White

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All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic and mechanical, including recording or photocopying, or by any information storage and/or retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

Male & Female Power Attraction

Attracting Men
By Reverse Psychology

Following is a synopsis of what you will get for the price of a lunch, $9.95, in ATTRACTING MEN BY REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY, now offered in PDF or email format so that you can read it at your leisure on your laptop or home computer. We pack plenty of detail into just 165 pages, which for smart on-the-go singles is just right. If you haven’t even thought about snagging a man, or if you’ve been trying for a long time unsuccessfully, you’ll find ATTRACTING MEN just the ticket for you. Give it a try. What have you to lose, just the price of a cheap lunch. Plug in your credit card with Pay Pal and begin the process. Donald Bruce

Why Being Being On The Prowl For Men May Feel Weird

Part 1: Attraction Isn’t A Choice
Chapter 1: Attraction Isn’t A Choice
An Open Letter From A Lonely,Beautiful Woman To Herself
Meeting Women Isn’t Magic
The Power Of Attraction
Attraction Is Selfish

Men, Women, And Attraction
My Concept Of Attraction
Exercise Helps You Think Differently
My Quick Take On Relationships

From The Following
Common Social Courtesy, Bad For Attraction?
Filters And Amplifiers
Women Use Clues To Generalize
Do You Get It Or Not?

From The Mailbag

Chapter 2: Preparing for Change
YOU CAN be Successful With Men
It Doesn’t Work the Way You Think It Does
Living In an Ideal World
The Nice Guy’s ‘Real-Self’ And Welcome To ‘Real Manipulation’
You Meet His Persona First
Don’t Think Men Are Attracted The Same Way Women Are

Elusive Obvious:
What They Want Is Already In You
It’s Okay to Be a Woman Seeking a Man
Limiting Beliefs And Change

Fear of Failure and Not Taking Action
Fearing Failure on the Approach
Fearing the Unknown Abundance and Scarcity
Taking Rejection Personally
Competing With Other Women
Infinite Justice
Fear And The Kiss Test
The Sex Obligation

Preparing for Change: Positive Mindsets
Bring Improvement

Lots of Preparation for a Few Key Moments
You CAN “Get It”
Default Behavior vs. Taking Charge
Speed of Implementation
Updating Patterns
Update Your Pattern For Talking to Men

Expecting Instant Gratification
Natural Variation And Success Patterns
Avoiding Averages
Decision Leadership

Chapter 3: The Evolution and Biology of Attraction
The Triune Brain
Internal Mental Power Struggles
Attraction, A Complex “Chemical Reaction”

The “Mating Mind”
The Economics of Sex
The ‘Keep-Him’ Strategy
Why Women Cheat
Competition in Sexual
Attraction, at Last

Ethology and the Study of Animals
You Must Trigger The Attraction
Tastes Good, Not Good For You
The Animal Inside
Programmed Man Archetype Homing Mechanism

We Can Change and Reprogram Ourselves
Fearing Failures Over Successes

Part 2: Creating Attraction
Chapter 4: The Hidden Languages Of Attraction

Secret Languages And “The Matrix”
Finding Hidden Patterns
Unspoken Languages
The Universal Language
The Language of Secret Societies
The Series of Key Languages
and How to Approach Men

Body Language
Slow and Calculated Movements and Gestures
The Most Powerful Secret Language:Innate Body Language

The Hidden Language of Eye Contact
Communicating with Tone of Voice
The Secret Language of Cocky Comedy
You Can’t Always Spell It Out For Him
The Tension and Energy of Two Opposing Magnets
Wrapped in a Rubber Band

The Secret Language of
The Secret Language of Flirting and Sexual Chemistry
The Usual And The Unusual
The Strength To Be Yourself
The Hidden Language of Self-Confidence
You Don’t Have to Agree with Rejection
Beliefs to Express Through Hidden Languages

Chapter 5: Building Attraction
Social Proof
The Value of Social Proof
Connecting to Social Proof
Becoming an Addiction
The Obsession Formula
Playing Hard to Get
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Give Him Just a Taste
Give Him the Gift of Missing You

Chapter 6: Attitude and Composure
The Attitude
Why Women Date Bartenders and “Players”
The Attitude Is Behind the Words
James Bond Never Whines
Let Him Be The Leader
Being Focused on your Goals is Attractive

Do Care,but Don’t Show You Care So Much
James Bond Doesn’t Get Upset
Dealing with Tests and Challenges
James Bond Doesn’t Rush Things
The Attitude Has Mystery, Tension
Women in Demand are Demanding
The Attitude May Sometimes Be a Burden
Summary of the Attitude

Chapter 7: Most Women Do Exactly the Wrong Thing When
They Date Attractive Men
The Way Of The Wuss
Why This Pattern Happens the Way It Does
Why Men Run When A Girl Too Submissive Appears
Mistaking Affection for Attraction
Changing The Wuss Into Attractive Behavior

Chapter 8: Don’t Bore Him
Boring Women Aren’t Attractive
Women Can Be Wusses Too. Why Wusses Bore Men
Don’t Be Predictable


Chapter 9: Frequently Asked Questions
I Gave Him My Phone Number And Email Address What Do I Do Now?”
How Long Should I Wait?
What Should I Do If He Doesn’t…
A Month Later: Should I email Him and Suggest Something?

I Have Had This Guy Friend For 47 Years.
How Do I Get Him To Feel Attracted To Me?
What About Competition From Other Women?
Should I Date More Than One Man?

How Do I Come Off As The Most Romantic Girl In The World,
But Only End Up With Offers For Short Term Sex?

Imagine, all of the above topics covered in a 170-page book for less than the price of a lunch, $9.95. Click on the PayPal button below and order your copy now.

Still not convinced? Read the following INTRO and dream what you could do if you had the answers to all the questons posed above.

Following is just a “taste and flavor” of what you will receive when you buy our book in PDF format for only $9.95. It is only the Introduction to the book, but information you will want to build on by reading the rest of the book. Order it through PayPal now.


If someone would invent a magnet that could attract men, women would fall all over themselves purchasing these neat gizmo’s and the inventor would become rich overnight.

We’re two men writing about what goes on in the heads of women—specifically about what drives women crazy about the man they want to love. You’d be an idiot, right, if you didn’t say: “What pompous asses! What gives them the right to think—to even THINK—they can know what goes on in the head of a woman? Most women don’t know that.

The truth is this: Every man knows what we know, they just haven’t thought about it long enough because it’s a reverse psychology magnet. Men don’t generally think about how women can get them heated up. That’s a woman’s job, not a man’s. They’re too busy wondering what a woman wants and what she responds to. On the other end of the axis, women should work night and day to figure out what makes the men of their dreams tick, and that’s what this book will teach you.

If you feel that doing the above is seductive and manipulative, then you’re right, but in a good way and for your eternal good and his.
Believe that and act accordingly and you will not fail.

Chapter One
Relax, Men’s Brains Know What They Want

The first thing you need to know is this: Men have preconceived ideas of what they’re looking for. Not just some men, all men. It’s etched on their subconscious. It’s indelibly imprinted on their brains. If the brain could talk it would accurately describe, in minute detail, exactly what this particular man wants in a woman. And once he gets it, watch out! He will move heaven and hell to marry his ideal. All because he is magnetically wired and attracted to her.

The trouble with men is that most of them can’t explain what they want. But no worry. Their brains have it stored, even if they can’t verbally access the information, and that’s what is important. The eye creates a dot-matrix of each guy’s ideal woman and the brain processes it, and up there stored in the brain are all the details. They may or may not include the following: five-eight, one-twenty, blond hair, marvelous athletic figure, college educated, well traveled, multilingual, and on and on. Now, this is a stereotypical male idea of what some people believe he wants. But the truth is that only a certain number of men want that kind of woman.

Many men—and we’re not kidding—have implanted the idea on their brains that they want a big woman, both in height and weight, with big body parts and passions; or a short fat woman who looks like she can bake an apple pie. Believe it or not it’s true. Or some just want a woman with a freckle on her nose, or a dimple in her chin. That woman doesn’t necessarily have to be beautiful in terms of worldly definitions.

What’s important is what the man thinks. And many of them are looking to duplicate Mom or Aunt Agnes and, quite frankly, despite not being a beauty queen, she was the greatest mom or aunt the world ever produced and, understandably, these kinds of men want that over anything else and will fight, claw, and risk their lives to get her-—doing anything for the girl short of jumping off a cliff. That’s because recognition of the body and soul, and in the flesh and personality, of that woman embedded on his brain’s hard drive makes him crazy in love.

The important thing for the woman to remember is that the female characteristics he loves the most might be found in an average looker. The girl he chooses doesn’t even have to be pretty to make goose bumps climb up his back. It may sound amazing but it’s true, contrary to everything we boys and men thought clear back in grade school through high school and college.

What do we know about men and women? First, all women are not from Venus, any more than all men are from mars. All women are not turned on by the prospects of a safe “live-happily ever-after” life scenario. Some of them don’t want to stay home and raise the kids while hubby is flitting around all over the world, going to exotic lands to sell computer software.

And all men don’t want to stay late at the office. Some of them are actually turned on by a woman who demands they be home at six each night sparking the barbecue; a man who wants to take turns with the diapers and bottles or coach his son’s or daughter’s little league team, or become cub master or scout master for his kids and take his turn driving car pools and taking them to school

Some men want a half dozen kids, a big soft recliner in front of a tube, a yard to mow on Saturday, and a seductively dressed wife who can cook and light up a fire inside him with a candlelight dinner. Nothing wrong with that, either.

Then, again, there are the men who, following marriage, want to remain married to their careers. What a woman must determine early on is her own tolerance for an aloof relationship. But most importantly, what she must do before analyzing the prospective “dream boat” is to find out who she is. And, generally, that’s the hardest part.

Know “thine own self” first. Think: “What do I want in a man?” Then look deep within and discover how to mine that source of energy in the man you could really love ‘till the end of time.

If you gaze into the mirror and feel you don’t measure up, you don’t have to forge a new you—just a new image of yourself. Believe you are whoever you want to be and if you do it long enough you will end up being that person. Isn’t that what Archie Leach did?

An interviewer once told him, “Everybody would like to be Cary Grant.” Grant is said to have replied, “So would I.” His early years in Bristol, England as Archie Leach would have been an ordinary lower-middle-class childhood except for one extraordinary event. At age nine, he came home from school one day and was told his mother had gone off to a seaside resort. The real truth was she had been placed in a mental hospital. Grant was never told about it and didn’t see his mother again until he was in his late 20s. He became an actor in London with a group known as the Pender boys that in July 1920 went on tour to the US. Their Broadway show, “Good Times,” ran for 456 performances, giving Grant time to acclimatize to the USA and he never left.

Ever the actor, Cary Grant developed a sense of sexuality and the aura and bearing of a gentleman. Grant was young enough to begin the new career of fatherhood when he stopped making movies at age 62. Over the years his own Archie Leach personality left him and he, indeed, did become Cary Grant, the dashing, lovable actor. He had invented a man-of-the-world persona and an inimitable style—that someone called “high comedy with polished words.” In “To Catch a Thief” (1955), he and Grace Kelly were allowed to improvise some of the dialog. They knew what Director Alfred Hitchcock wanted to do with a scene, they rehearsed it, put in some clever double entendres, and then the scene was filmed. What you were watching then was what Cary Grant became. He was by then playing himself. His biggest box-office success was another 1950s Hitchcock film, “North by Northwest” (1959) shot with Eva Marie Saint.

Why we diverged to tell you about a person who became something other than how he started out was to show you it can be done. It all depends on how you see yourself. Your image of yourself is the only thing that matters.

For example, Egypt’s leader, Anwar el-Sadat, said: “I was brought up to believe that how I saw myself was more important than how others saw me”. So train yourself to be confident. Love yourself and show it. That’s not showing off or bragging. It’s being you.

Men love a confident woman. It’s more important to a man than what she’s wearing, believe it or not. But to a woman, sometimes what she is wearing has a lot to do with her self-image.

If you are to solve the riddle of man, you must first work on self- improvement. Eliminate your negative characteristics. We all have them, except those who have conscientiously shaped a better personality, a better persona, at least in their own minds.

“Search others for their virtues, thyself for thy vices,” said Benjamin Franklin. “Then work to erase vices out of your life, out of your awareness.” Carve out your own destiny. Remember, the most compelling and powerful women are those who have themselves in their own power. Get control of yourself, then you can control any man.

For every classic Mars man there’s another who enjoys swimming up-stream. A woman must never—and I said, NEVER—think that the man standing before her today is the same as last night’s date. As a woman wondering how to approach, overcome, and conquer that male whose every quirky trait attacks your senses, it’s up to you to figure him out before pouncing.

A good tennis, softball or soccer coach knows opposing teams are all different. Coaches spend hours and hours in film rooms. First, the coach is figuring out what kind of a team or opponent her team will face on Saturday; and, second, how to use her team’s assets to best advantage—how to attack the opponent’s weaknesses and overcome him.

If the player on the mound lacks curves, she had better have a fastball and change of pace to compensate. After all is said and done, men ARE first attracted by the body; but it’s a happy, confident “here comes the bride the isle” demeanor, character and personality that hooks him and fetches him to you.