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>Tax Exempt Terrorism–Islamist Infiltration
by Don White

Even the blind can see that Saudi-backed Islamists have gotten into U.S. charitable groups by masquerading as philanthropists. Anti-terror experts tell us that religious charities provide the perfect cover for their terror-supporting activities.

These Muslim groups not only enjoy tax-exempt status, but their reputations as charities and foundations often allow them to escape scrutiny making it easier to hide and move their funds to other groups and individuals who threaten national security.

This didn’t just happen. Long ago Islamists came to America with the goal of undermining America via tax-free support for the machinery of terrorism. A document seized last decade in a raid of al-Arian’s home bears that out. Translated from Arabic, “The Charter,” as it is called, provides for an “Organization/Law Studies Section:” whose job it would be to study the legal aspects of establishing charitable organizations in America that would front for jhadi operations, investigators say.

Comingling of funds is rampant. The al-Arian founded Muslim charities that co-mingled funds with the Saudi-backed Safia group of charities in Virginia is a glaring example of this. Investigators say the charities have availed themselves of the advantage of exemption from federal income tax while abusing the requirements for tax-exempt status to avoid scrutiny of terror-tied financial transactions and associations.

The Saudis who hold all the oil cards in America also have more cash than most larger countries–certainly enough to influence more than one past president and current elected officials. The kingdom is the major source of funding for the terror support syndicate in America. When its leaders get in trouble, the Saudis are ready to provide legal aid and public relations assistance. They have a powerful friend in the Saudi ambassador in Washington–and it doesn’t matter which year and which ambassador–that’s one of their mandates. Some believe it only takes this man one phone call to make investigations go away. When will we learn the truth about this underground, jhadi plan to thwart legitimate goals of America and, in fact, to bring down our country.

When we finally learn more of the current U.S. bank meltdown, I predict we will find that it was, in fact, the kingdom that caused our soaring gas prices and world oil prices to rise to indecent levels. It will be shown that the king is working overtime to weaken us first financially–which he has accomplished–and at the same time undermine our ability to defend ourselves. It was only months ago that President Bush sold the Saudis $20 billion in sophisticated warplanes and related technical equipment. It is hard for me to believe that he isn’t planning to use this against our most staunch ally, Israel.

Politics in the Mideast are difficult and complicated. On the outside, one should believe that the Saudis do not want to see Ahmadinejad and Iran build nuclear bombs. But if he thinks the U.S. is going to be strong enough to bomb Iran and participate in three wars (Iraq, Afghanstan, and Iran)–all at the same time–he is kidding himself.

This is something Iran is counting on and they revel in using our financial troubles and the oil embroglio to camouflage their bomb building activities. While Ahmadinejad was in New York, Barak Obama’s national fund raiser feted this Mideast tyrant with a special reception and dinner usually reserved for friends and allies.

Such treachery from our own people! Or were they trying to pry political donations from him, which is typical Obama. There was a time that that would be grounds to jail such criminals.

What will it be like when Obama is running this country? He lies when he states he would have preconditions and preparation to any meetings with this little dictator from Iran. In fact, while Ahmadinejad was in New York this week, not only his own security guards kept him safe, but our own CIA operatives afforded him unusual protection usually given only to friendly representatives and certainly not to a man who wants to wipe from the face of the earth–presumably with nuclear bombs–our friend and ally Israel.

Iran has large Shite populations while Saudi Araba has a large Sunni population and as we discovered in Iraq, they hate each other. That, and that alone, is what the U.S. Administration is counting on to play off one faction against the other and avoid a major third world war. Are we putting too much credence in these offsetting situations?

The important thing to remember in foreign affairs is that you can’t constantly court two enemies, or walk both sides of the street, and come out ahead. But that is precisely what the U.S. is doing when we help arm two arch enemies, the Saudis and Israel. But to fail to do so would create a vacuum and allow the Russians to replace us in this dangerous triangle and Vladimir Putin would like nothing better than to blackmail us with world oil supplies. If we think for one moment that because we are a free democratic nation–and each day Russia occupies Georgia is further proof that Russia is nothing more than a rogue nation of thugs–that we can rest on our “superpower pride” and holier-than-thou Christian idealogy, and on this triumphalist notion, forget it. We’ve defeated ourselves. Read more…