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>Love On Valentine’s Day And Forever


A Love Poem To Carolyn, My Eternal Companion

A Heartfelt Valentine Expression

On this Valentine’s day I express my love for you, my wife of 43 years.

But expressing love on Valentine’s Day is not love, only one of its many manifestations. But as banal as it may seem and be, I express my love and say, “be my Valentine another 43.

My love for you never ceases – it has a far greater meaning than mere card or kiss, though first kindled in a passing moment, a glance, a gleeful glimpse, then a fateful double take and the throbbing of a young man’s heart.

In Sunday School, I saw your face from afar. But I saw more — the clarity, and dignity of your character in that face. You were magnetic, pulling me to you, and it was thrilling for me to gaze on your countenance, and to imagine a possible scenario, you and me . . .Us. I had fasted and prayed that day for you to come my way.

Here we are, 43 years later, still traveling the same road of life, stumbling, yes, but moving conjointly, elegantly toward a larger goal, life forever together which we call eternal life made possible by eternal love.

When you feel bad, I feel bad. When you feel ecstatic, I’m exalted because of your glow. The light of your eyes fills my soul with your sweetness, dignity, grandeur, cheerfulness, love, kindness, charity and endless possibility.

Why? Not because we are joined at the hip and feel one another’s pain and joy through the same gray matter, nervous system, blood stream, muscle, heart and soul, though it seems so at times. I know that you are daughter of a king with great attributes and I am his son with my own unique attributes.

In the Manti Temple we were made one, yet remain separate beings. How can one be far greater than two? That defies mathematics, but then love always does. Our oneness holds the capacity to do anything, especially when we add an incomparable third dimension, our God to whom we owe everything – the air we breathe, this good earth, our miracle bodies.

Everything — for he is the creator of the universe and all suns, moons, planets and mountains, valleys, and verdant streams therein obey his voice. There is nothing not made by our creator, and we are in his likeness, a thought that completely blows my mind until I think of you.

I have to believe that somewhere . . . somewhere in this wide galaxy eons of light years away is someone else just as wonderful as God. There must be a Mother in Heaven who cares for our God like you care for me and I care for you. She, too, is ever watchful of you and I, and especially of us. She supports every Godly decision just as you support me and every resolve we make together, after much thought, prayer and contemplation.

So this Valentine’s Day I salute you my dear, Carolyn, the same person who recovered from an auto accidentjust three years ago – a terrible, bonecrushing, debilitating accident that broke ribs and cracked your pelvis in five places

It punctured a lung so that for the longest time, despites blessings and prayers, we wondered if you would make it. But your heart and faith are so strong! And your courage unparalleled, rendering defeat a non-issue, a non sequitur.

I suffered with you – though of course not on the same intensity plane — that fateful day and for years to come. At times, I could feel your hurt as you grimaced, torturing yourself while, because of allergies, you steadfastly refused pain medication. Few are as courageous or constant. None as valiant.

Your desire to keep any harmful thing out of your beautiful body exemplifies strength of character. Far lesser a person am I, whose eyes fill with tears under the damnable dentist drill, while he mines an apple mouth with melon hands that probe, pull, poke, scrape and drill in a near-drowning mouth whose teeth are alive with ache and throb.

You defeated pain long before this accident, in bearing four obedient children, in living a purposeful, faithful life, and following the accident, your bones and tissues healed, but now we are older and our gait slower,

But my love for you has not diminished, only grown as I have watched your remarkable recovery and service to us and realized the driving force behind your ruddy cheeks and hearty laughter was your love of family, God, the prophets, and America.

So I salute you, Carolyn, with a love borne of trust, occasional tumult, of trials and troubles overcome. Despite inane humor, you laughed at my jokes and accepted me with a smile that warms me still. You continued to embrace me, though at times wondered why we ever met and married. Was it to birth our children and satisfy God’s command to cleave together, replenish the earth, and find joy?

And through it all, jubilation returned, following 24/7 sickness of child bearing and often pain and grief of their rearing, and working until you could work no longer as an insurance and real estate agent or at the hospital.

Through the joy and fun of raising three boys, and one beautiful girl, you enjoyed life, endured my homilies, even my humorless, untimely lines, and ensured that when everything else seemed lost, we never lost our bearings.

You never tumbled from that exalted pedestal on which I placed you, continuing always as my treasure, my revere and prize – the registered nurse who always knew what to do. When we fell sick, you lovingly rubbed our feet, fingers, and foreheads and, ironically, eschewed hospitals and doctors.

Upon first meeting, we were travelers on different roads, but credit providence that my design and purpose found clarity when he sent you to me. Your road became mine, your politics looked fairer, and your wants and desires gathered in my heart, creating my fondest hopes.

And, likewise, you, Carolyn – with boundless energy and desire for “us”, for our future and that of our magnificent family.
I salute you, I love you my dear eternal partner. May I ever merit your companionship and trust throughout the eons of time that we know we will live together in perfect harmony — sharing God’s light and His love with others always.