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>Why American’s Freedom Is Deeply At Risk


What’s Wrong With America Is We’ve Encouraged Ethnic Groups

America is at fault. We are responsible for the direction immigration has gone. We have allowed dual citizenship and an erosion of respect for American citizenship by the very act of cheapening newcomer membership in this great country, something we call citizenship. We just don’t require much of citizenship applicants anymore.

The tests are so easy – and sometimes those administering the tests hand out the answers along with the test questions.

Today, you don’t have to even speak or write English to pass the test.

In many areas, tests are administered in the applicant’s foreign language.

As a result, newcomers no longer have to assimilate into the American way of life.

The American Flag is dishonored.

The Pledge of Allegiance is not uttered in half of the nation’s schools, where for decades it marked the beginning of the day in all classrooms.

Like the flag, the Pledge “…is both a tragedy in itself and the symbol of a greater love to our nation,” said Doug Wilson and Edwin Feulner in Getting America Right. “Like the flag itself, the Pledge is only a symbol of the great concepts we hold in common: individual freedom, the rule of law, opportunity, equality, and responsibility. But even as routinized the solemn recitation or even a mumbling of the Pledge may become, it does serve to remind children daily of who we are and what we stand for. Its loss is one more diminution of unity and sense of community that binds us together as Americans.”

Today, we demand so little of people who want to be part of America. I’ve already written about how some of our legal establishment seems to favor these people born in other countries. You recall Dong Lu Chen, the former Chinese man who murdered his wife because she was not faithful to him. If luminaries like Joanne Woodward had run off with another lover and Paul Newman had murdered her – an unthinkable thing because their marriage lasted ‘till death – Newman would have gotten, at a minimum, life imprisonment. Imagine, if you will, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, or Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks – both long-term married couples. What would have happened to Robbins and Hanks had there been infidelity by Sarandon or Wilson and resulting husband violence to them?

American courts would have sent their husbands to the gas chamber, or something worse, if they had killed their wives over infidelity. You could argue we have a different view of fidelity in America than people in China – Hollywood certainly does. But that doesn’t change the issue. Is it right for an American court to let a murderer off with six months probation just because he was born in China? No, of course not. But that’s what happened in New York in the Dong Lu Chen case.

Americans were appalled at the judge’s disproportionate treatment of a foreigner. In other words, the message sent by the court was that Chinese Americans are better than Americans born in America? Come on! Give me a break!

I mentioned that I was in Sam’s and what I thought was a foreign national walked up to me and started chatting. I asked if he had voted? He said he had, and then I looked at him. He certainly looked and spoke English like a foreigner – and I know something about foreigners, I lived in Europe for 30 months. He said he was from Indonesia, but that he retained that citizenship when he came to America, so he holds dual citizenship and had voted in both countries.

I can’t do that, and neither can you if you were born on American soil.

What happens if we have issues between America and Indonesia? Will he remain faithful to the old country, or will he help America? By the way, Obama lived in Indonesia. I’m still wondering about his loyalty to America. You may say I’m nuts even bring it up, but the longer he is in office and the more he spends of our kids’ money and ransoms their future, the more I wonder about this high-spending, far left fascist who was likely born in Africa, not Hawaii. He has done nothing to satisfy me otherwise and the clock is ticking.

I’m wondering what America will look like in 2012 when Obama’s done “changing” America? Already, Washington – backed by the Chinese juan — is buying up an America we once knew as a capitalistic, free enterprise gem among nations. Will we be reciting the Chinese pledge of allegiance by then and will Obama be behind bars in Beijing? Everyone knows that today’s America is no longer economically independent. By then China may have already called in its massive American loans, declared war on the delinquent debtor nation, and demanded and received fealty in exchange for those IOUs we’re writing, and we’ll all be speaking Chinese.