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>Is There Any Such Thing? A Good Oil Addiction?


If we’re addicted to oil, our twelve-step program should begin with admitting that we have a problem.

If an oil shortage and the resulting sky-rocketing gas prices is any good to us at all, Congress must wake up and create an energy policy. There are electric cars being produced in America. Let’s get some of them on the road–in mass. That could help bring down the price of oil that China and India seem to care nothing about as they become the world’s biggest subsidizers of their peoples’ high prices, polluters and creators of the oil crisis by their free-wheeling use of supplies without asking for restraint from their own people. What do they do? They subsidize oil–at least China, Indonesia and other Asian countries do.

It costs Chinese consumers half what we pay for gas in America. George, on the other hand, isn’t subsidizing anything. Good for you, George. Let those die-hard Democrats in Congress suffer a while, maybe they’ll wake up Nancy P. and Harry R. and they’ll finally say, “Oh, yeah. I’ve got to get re-elected. Better put on a push to find alternative sources of energy.” Instead, they are just hiding their heads, hoping it all goes away by itself like a hurricane that doesn’t have land-fall. Keep this up Harry and Nancy, and America soon will be run by the Chinese, not by two contemptible, silly Ed Asner-loving liberals.

If we here in America can create a great electric car for under $30,000 we can see our way out of this mess–and GM and Ford may even be able to increase auto production instead of constantly laying off American workers.

There are a lot of things we should have done 12 years ago when Bill was president and didn’t. His foresight and strategic planning didn’t go any further than planning his next tryst with a young White House worker. There are plenty of things George can do, but without help from Congress his hands seem tied.

As the price of oil creeps higher, finding new energy sources is more important than ever. But the search for alternatives, combined with environmental disruptions, is putting new pressures on other essentials like food. George, your ethanol idea is backfiring, don’t you know this?

The more corn we use up in ethanol the higher the price of corn and beef in America. But the food price hikes primarily come via increased delivery (trucking) costs, because these costs are strictly pass-through expenses ultimately borne by us, John Q. public. But if you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you’ll notice there is no parity between the percentage food price increases and energy costs. I see this as something the U.S. government could do now, George– investigate unwarranted food price spikes that are not correlated to energy prices. Someone in the food chain has seen this as a time to get rich on us poor and foolish consumers. We need a hand, George, don’t go into hibernation…not just yet!

There are some things that are going well in the world. Right now, the economy is not one of them. When will a Democratic-led Congress wake up and do something about energy?