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>Evil Men In Congress And On Wall Street Caused The Housing Bubble

>If the price of your home declined – maybe, drastically – then you can blame Washington and Wall Street. Blame Fanny and Freddie and especially Barney Frank and Chuck Schumer who arm-wrestled George Bush into signing legislation that made it easier for the poor to get a loan and buy a house they couldn’t pay for.

That was pure sophistry. What Senator Schumer and Congressman Frank did was tell a lie. One that put millions of honest over the top in loans they couldn’t pay back. Why did S\chumer and Frank do so – to buy votes, plain and simple.

Wow! Are you sure? Yes, that’s how and why it happened. that’s why your home is under water – that is if it was not free and clear with no mortgages on it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sell your house and get out from under. Don White has written a new book called Selling Fast: We Sold Our House In One Day And You Can Too. After reading this book and acting wisely, in a lot of cases the owner can sell and come out with money they wouldn’t have had. That doesn’t happen to all, but to many.

Here’s a link to that book and to Don’s web page HouseABC’s

Selling Fast: We Sold Our House in One Day, And You Can Too


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It is almost inconceivable for anyone to attempt to sell a house in today’s recession market without boning up on how to do it and how to make money while your at it. This book will give you helps with preparing the home, choosing the right real estate agent – yes, you are crazy if you think you can go it alone.

A Must Read:
Whatever it is about selling a house you don’t know, this comprehensive, well-written book by Don White and his real estate guru wife Carolyn (with prize winning author Marcus White) is a must read.

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