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>Saddam Was Planning On Nukes


Saddam Hussein Admitted He Planned on Nuclear Weapons

By: Ronald Kessler
As President Obama drew the curtain on the Iraq war, liberal commentators were declaring the war pointless.

“Sure, you know, violence is down from its peak during the civil war, but does anybody really think that lives of Iraqis are all that much better?” Rajiv Chandrasekaran, national editor of The Washington Post, told Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

“If there had been no invasion, Saddam [Hussein] would still be in power,” Richard Engel of NBC said on the Today show. “He was probably getting more moderate . . . He was heading in a direction of accommodation.”

In his speech on ending the war, President Obama seemed to have the same muddled concept of what the war achieved. His administration decries Arizona’s effort to arrest illegal immigrants as human rights violations while ignoring the fact that Saddam killed 300,000 people, used chemical weapons, and tortured his own people.

Because of Saddam’s removal, Iraqis no longer undergo torture by having electric prods attached to their genitals or by being given acid baths. They no longer have holes drilled into their ankles and skulls.

They are not left naked in refrigerators for days. They do not have their tongues cut out and their ears cut off. They are not forced to watch their wives and sisters being gang raped.

While about 300 are being killed in attacks each month, that is 22 percent of the murder rate in the U.S.

As for American security interests, the war eliminated a nuclear threat. In seven months of secret debriefings after his capture, Saddam admitted that he faked having weapons of mass destruction when he was in power but had planned on developing a weapons of mass destruction program with nuclear capability within a year.

Saddam made the admissions in videotaped interviews with George L. Piro, an FBI agent who was assigned by the FBI with the CIA’s approval to try to develop the former dictator’s cooperation.

For my book “The Terrorist Watch: Inside the Desperate Race to the Next Attack,” Piro described the debriefings, which had never been previously revealed.

When the Arabic-speaking Piro arrived in Baghdad during the first week of 2004, he told me, he had no idea if Saddam would even say hello to him much less reveal his thinking about the invasion of Iraq, his role in ordering 300,000 people killed, and whether he had weapons of mass destruction. But Piro managed to develop Saddam’s trust.

Piro found that Saddam had a fondness for baby wipes, the disposable moist cloths used when changing a baby’s diaper. If Saddam had enough baby wipes, he would use them to clean food like apples before he ate them.

Piro realized that, as a way of manipulating him, he could control how many baby wipes Saddam received.

Saddam confided to Piro why he had no weapons of mass destruction but pretended he did. Saddam said that because of the war of attrition he had with Iran, Iran always remained a threat to him. And if Iran thought he had serious WMD, it would be reluctant to engage him again.

On the other hand, if he said he had them, Iran would never listen. But if the U.S. said that he had WMD, Iran would believe it.

So every time inspectors came, Saddam gave them the runaround, reinforcing for Iran’s consumption the notion that he had WMD. And that explains why, if there were no WMD, he acted as if he did have them.

Saddam aspired to develop a nuclear capability in an incremental fashion. Aided by his payoffs to key officials, he thought that sanctions would be lifted within a year or so. He figured he could then recreate Iraq’s WMD capability, which had been essentially destroyed in 1991.

“His goal was to have the sanctions lifted,” Piro told me. “And they likely would have been lifted if it were not for 9/11. Even the United Nations changed after 9/11. So Saddam was on the right track. His plan to have sanctions lifted was working. But he told me he recognized that he miscalculated the long-term effects of 9/11. And he miscalculated President Bush.”

Months before the invasion, Saddam came to realize that war was “inevitable,” Piro says.

As a delaying tactic, he told Piro, he announced in September 2002 that he would allow weapons inspectors to return but stipulated that eight presidential compounds would be off limits.

Did Saddam ever consider coming clean with the U.S. and demonstrating that he did not have WMD?

“He didn’t give me the answer to that,” Piro says, “but I can tell you he wouldn’t have done that because that would have weakened him. He was given the opportunity to leave Iraq and go to live in Saudi Arabia and be very wealthy and very happy. The Saudis gave him the option. But what would that have done to his legacy? And if he were to have said ‘I’m bluffing,’ or ‘I’m not as strong as I present myself,’ where would he have then fit in the historical scheme of Iraq?”

Ironically, in view of anti-American feelings overseas and from within the U.S. over the invasion of Iraq, Saddam told Piro that he admired America and especially Americans.

Comparing Saddam Hussein with Adolf Hitler and other mass murderers, Piro says, “He had certain traits and abilities that let him to get into that position of power, but there have been many before him, and unfortunately, there will be many after him throughout the world.”

Predictably, the mainstream media largely ignored Saddam’s admitted plans to pursue nuclear weapons. But, contrary to the view of liberal commentators, Americans can be proud of what we achieved in Iraq and grateful to Bush and the military for taking him out.

Ronald Kessler is chief Washington correspondent of View his previous reports and get his dispatches sent to you free via e-mail. Go here now. 

>Incentives May Have Worsened The Crash

>Orlando, FL–The FBI is tired of chasing terrorists and unscrupulous politicians so it is now concentrating on finding out why the bottom fell out of the housing market.

It believes some builders are at fault for offering big incentives. They included cars, tuition, cash, and credit-card payments. This is a no-name investigation for now. When they nail one of these national homebuilders, look out! It will be all over the papers–and maybe there could be a payback for those unwary buyers who took it in the ‘shorts.’

Every time I go to SAMS and use my credit card, they offer me cash, so what’s wrong with that? Nothing. That’s not a sham incentive, just a service, just so you know the difference. What’s wrong were those real estate deals lacking proper disclosure.

SAMS gives full disclosure—all you’re doing is getting cash back against a charge on your credit card. But when a builder offers $5,000 cash back if you will buy his $400,000 home there’s got to be a hitch,right? Well, not necessarily. The problem is too many greedy home buyers back in the “good old days” before the market fell didn’t second-guess this transaction. The proper thing would be for the builder to say, yes you get $5,000 cash back, but that means you are going into debt for $405,000 less your down payment.

Sounds harmless, yes? No! The problems will come when federal investigators talk to the banks who appraised these homes. Did they artificially inflate the values of those homes? And it wouldn’t be a $5,000 “inflated” loan, the FBI wants to find a builder-Bank connection that used $100,000 sweatheart deals. Something that will get people’s attention.

A lot of home buyers didn’t understand this, and the “lack of proper disclosure” is what has the FBI chasing down these illegal financial deals. The FBI thinks these artificially inflated deals contributed to today’s home price crash.

What do you think?

Using incentives to sell homes has long been a marketing tool for builders. When properly disclosed and structured, the practice is legal.

But the Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into allegations that home builders, brokers and appraisers defrauded lenders by not disclosing unusually large incentives to buyers, which could have added as much as $100,000 to the price of a home.

Housing analysts say incentive schemes prolonged the housing boom in hot markets like Las Vegas and, consequently, have made the downturn all the more severe.

The FBI wouldn’t name individuals or companies under scrutiny, but confirmed that it is looking at cases where the disclosures of incentives “haven’t made it all the way to the ultimate lender,” says William Stern, financial crimes supervisor for the FBI in Palm Beach County, Fla., and the bureau’s former national mortgage-fraud coordinator.

>Mad Scientist Did It


Anthrax Case Closed

By Don White

That was the big news this week. After ten long, hard years of investigating, the FBI threw up their arms and pinned it on a so-called “mad scientist” when there was scarcely a motive. Bring back the Frankenstein movies…

And why did it take them so long? We’ve had forensic science and DNA for years. It’s because this became an embarrassment to the FBI. Bush couldn’t go to China with this on his mind. They had to pin it on someone. And why haven’t there been other anthrax letters and scares in eight years? It’s because the real Marcus Junius Brutus killed himself eight years ago. Enough already…But not for the relentless FBI.

Police often get the cart before the horse. They find a suspect and do their darndest to produce evidence to convict him. And they aren’t above manufacturing evidence or changing scientific clues. Many people believe science is gospel, it can’t be wrong. Well, the fact is it can and often is wrong. Scientific crime solving or sci-crime is a big industry. People get paid lots of money to put cases to bed and bodies in jail. Just look at TV shows like “Bones” and “CSI” to get a flavor of this. It’s not as cut-and-dried as the FBI would want you to believe.

To investigators, a closed case is a good case. Thus, the FBI has declared a ten-year-old anthrax case closed, pointing the blame for 5 deaths at suicide victim Bruce Ivins. He must have known authorities were closing in on him, right? He killed himself as the Justice Department was preparing paperwork to bring charges.

If you heard the Feds were closing in on you, you’d probably kill yourself too rather than spend the rest of your life in a box. But how will we ever know if he was the guilty party or not? We won’t. It’s a fascinating case, but motive? What was his motive for sending around these envelopes containing anthrax. Some said he wanted to get back at someone in government for holding up a promotion. Now, that’s a pretty flimsy reason to hold up the world.

Some said he had to be nuts. That’ll work. He probably could have gotten off on an insanity plea. I know if the ACLU had gotten wind of this anthrax stuff—it would have been a good day, and the world would have been far better off. But, my point is they would have come to his rescue. The worst he could have gotten was life in a country club somewhere where he could spend his days in the garden picking daisies, mixing potents and putting toxins in the food of fellow inmates. Imagine the money America could have saved by placing him in every prison in the country. Soon the prisons would have been empty. We could have torn them down and installed ten million oil wells or built McCain’s 450 atomic reactors to give a few wild-eyed Democrats a real rush.

After ten years, because of the advent of DNA, prosecutors became confident that the anthrax crimes were the work of a man who spent his career developing anthrax vaccines and cures to save lives at the bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick, Md. Do you find something wrong with that statement?

Sure, he did it! For crying-out-loud and X$**!><, he was a life-saver, not a killer!!!

Authorities said they were confident Ivins could be convicted. They always are, aren’t they? But how many times are they “dead” wrong? A lot. There are thousands of innocent people serving life sentences in prison today because some mad scientist in the FBI Crime Lab made a mistake. I say we investigate the FBI. We would probably find dozens of nutty scientists who are destroying something we eat as we innocently sit at the dinner table…

So, this case goes down as another victory for science and the FBI over crime and the underworld? Well, it’s not your usual case because to come to the conclusion the mad scientist did it they had to read a lot of comic books, gory stuff with reanimated human beings reconstituted from bones and organic body parts and organs from local charnel houses.… finally resorting to DNA evidence. Why didn’t they use such DNA evidence before? They said it wasn‘t available to them before. But DNA wasn’t discovered yesterday. Criminal investigators have used DNA to convict people for decades. Watson and Crick described structure of DNA as early as 1953.

Officially, DNA was discovered no later than1962. when a Cambridge University graduate student Francis Crick , along with Maurice Wilkins of Kings College in London, and research fellow James Watson won a Nobel Prize for physiology/medicine. It was heralded as the greatest scientific discovery of the last 100 years. Of course, we even had DNA when FBI Director Robert Mueller was a kid.

Detectives have known about DNA. Didn’t Sherlock Holmes have something to do with chemistry in his apartment? And Mike Hammer and Dick Tracy are some other big-time names that were using DNA at least 50 years before the FBI decided they were onto something.

>It Took Almost Eight Years To Get Him


Documents: Ivins had custody of purified anthrax

Remember the Anthrax enevelope scare seven years ago? Some madman was sending people letters laced with the deadly anthrax spores with certain genetic mutatuons. The Army and FBI had finally traced this dastardly scheme to kill people to an Army scientist named Bruce Ivins.

But why did it take so long? The report from the AP is that he had sole custody of these highly purified anthrax spores identical” to the poison that killed five people and rattled the nation in 2001. Apparently it took so long because certain documents were sealed and couldn’t be read due to some legal disfugalty. In case you don’t know, you English majors, “disfugalty” is the opposite of “fugalty” which is lack of conflict, and neither word is yet in the dictionary.

Who makes disfugalty? Bad judges and attorneys. I told you they could put all them in a boat and sink it at sea and the world would be none the worse off. Come to think of it, it would take a fleet of 500 super liners to do the trick–and that’s just the bad lot of them from America. I would be happy to be on the business end of the largest cannon.

Investigations take a long time, don’t they? Especially, those sponsored by the FBI or some other government entity. Part of it is because of the sensitivity training one must complete to be an FBi agent. Or haven’t you heard? They send them to Gitmo to ram down their brains the importance of agents not singling out Muslims, because we all know all one-eyed Muslims are not criminals or out to get us, or are they?

>The "Racism" and "Bigotry" Defense

Muslim FBI Agent Gamal Abdel-Hafiz was fired and reinstated by the FBI under pressure or threat of suit.
With its deep pockets the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a major source of funding for the Terror-Supported Syndicate in America. When its leaders get in trouble, the Saudis are ready to provide legal aid and public relations assistance.

They also have a powerful friend in the Saudi Ambassador stationed in Washington. Some people believe he is so powerful that at times he can make investigations go away with one phone call.

What he has to work with is the gullibility of the American people and it’s
deference shown to two aspects of Islamists. Most Islamists are not just a religious minority, but a racial minority, and they know how to work it to their advantage. Jamal Barzinji, a key leader of the Safa group, has threatened to sue the U.S. government for unsealing an affidavit supporting a federal warrant to search his home. The Safa group of companies is also known as SAAR, the “golden chain to supporting terrorism and the CSID founding board member was Jamal Barzinji.

The SAAR Foundation is incorporated in Herndon, Virginia, just outside Washington. It is an umbrella organization for a cluster of over 100 charities, think tanks, and businesses known as the SAAR network. In 2002, the US government raided the SAAR network looking for ties to the Al Taqwa Bank and the notorious Muslim Brotherhood.

In 1995, investigators raided two groups in Tampa, Florida, associated with Sami al-Arian, a university professor who some claimed had been a supporter of terrorist groups. These raids alerted investigators to a group of Muslim charities in Herndon, Virginia, known as the SAAR network mentioned above (see July 29, 1983). An investigation into that network’s alleged terrorism financing began. In 1998, National Security Council aides in the Clinton White House pushed the FBI to intensify the SAAR investigation. However, the FBI declined, claiming that an aggressive probe would be seen as ethnic profiling.

Barzinji had called the investigation “racist.” FBI agent Gamal Abdel-Hafiz, who had unauthorized contacts with Muslim targets of investigation, threatened to sue the FBI for discrimination after he was fired. The bureau reinstated him, despite lingering questions about his loyalties.

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>Are American Muslims Working For the Collapse of The U.S. Constitution?

Played For Fools:
Will The U.S. Constitution “Hang By A Thread?

If the Muslims have their way they will replace Constitutional Law with subversive Muslim law known as Sharia (Islamic) law, with the goal of turning America into an Islamic state. And, as author Paul Sperry details point-by-point in his book Infiltration, Muslims have been aided and abetted in their sinister aims by tireless champions of spiritual and cultural relativism in the media and academia, who have mitigated the threat in the public’s mind by “mainstreaming” Islam
At the bottom of it is a story of mass deception — a disturbing tale of how the American people have been played for fools, victims of an elaborate fraud orchestrated by the “mainstream” Muslim establishment to protect a faith from due scrutiny, while concealing an underworld that secretly plots to infiltrate and overturn the American system of government.
Muslims are already openly calling for the downfall of the British government. How long will it be before they will picket and riot here in America for our downfall?
A small sampling of Paul Sperry’s disturbing revelations, all found in his new book, Infiltration:
· “One Nation Under Allah”: how some of the most respected American Muslim leaders — the so-called “moderates” who have broken bread in the White House, prayed in Congress, advised the Pentagon, and even lectured cadets at the FBI academy — are harboring a secret dream about the future of American culture
· The influential American Muslim leader who has repeatedly told Muslim audiences that their goal is to turn the U.S. into an Islamic state, even if it takes “a hundred years”
· How an Islamic activist obtained a sensitive intelligence post at the Department of Homeland Security even though he failed to disclose his past association with a confessed terrorist — an omission overlooked by a federal personnel agency he happened to previously advise as one of its top internal lawyers
· The senior White House official who once lobbied Congress and federal agencies to make it harder for federal law enforcement to deport Middle Eastern immigrants with suspected terror links
· The FBI’s translator program: a den of deceit and dual loyalties, where mistranslation of al Qaeda intercepts by Muslim and Arab linguists is commonplace, say agents and translators who have worked there
· How the FBI is putting its agents through “Muslim sensitivity training,” which includes inviting Muslim clerics and leaders to preach about the allegedly peaceful attributes of Islam
· The growing threat posed by the more than 20,000 Muslims in America’s armed forces — and by the estimated 200,000 Muslim prison inmates in America, many of whom have been converted by radical chaplains sympathetic to al Qaeda
· The Arabic translator in the Minneapolis field office of the FBI who had a relationship with an al Qaeda suspect for seven years — and was quietly let go only recently
· How, in their rush to recruit Arabic translators after 9/11, both the FBI and Pentagon cut corners on background checks and hired Muslim translators in spite of their ties to military and intelligence agencies in Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, and Turkey
· How laptops with classified intelligence about al Qaeda investigations have gone missing from the translation unit in the Washington field office of the FBI
· The Muslim FBI agent who refused to wear a wire to secretly record a Muslim target of a counterterrorism investigation — and his friendship with the bookkeeper of the target
· How Arabic instructors at the Defense Language Institute, where U.S. Army translators are trained, gloss over Arab terrorism and focus instead on Arab arts and culture
· The deal the White House struck with Muslim-rights groups to avoid describing terrorism as “Islamic”
· How a Republican-tied Islamic institute has been running influence operations against the federal government
· The “moderate” Muslim advocacy group that, according to IRS financial records, has donated money to terrorist front groups, while also employing three officials recently arrested for terrorist-related activities
· How the same group has received substantial foreign support for its operations, despite public denials by its officials
· The Saudi-bankrolled American social studies teacher who is educating public-school children about Islam through sugarcoated textbooks and role-playing exercises in which kids “become Muslims” for weeks
· The Saudi-funded Washington-area mosque that ministered to at least two of the 9/11 terrorists. How at least four leaders of the mosque have come under federal investigation or scrutiny for terrorist ties
· How the tenants of a Pentagon-area apartment building popular with diplomats working for the Saudi Embassy in Washington cheered the 9/11 attacks, according to a leasing agent and former residents
· Why one former top FBI agent says the Bureau’s knowledge about the growing threat of Muslim fanatics in America still ranks about 20 on a scale of 1 to 100
· How, according to the former head of the FBI’s Washington field office, that office is home to a number of Muslim moles
· How the “moderate” Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is backed by a radical Middle Eastern foundation that supports Palestinian terrorists, according to tax and land records
· The “Wahhabi Corridor”: how an area in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C., that is heavily populated by Muslims is serving as a base of operations for Islamic terrorists
· The Muslim art of telling “white lies” to defend the faith and further the cause of Allah, as instructed in the hadiths, the sacred supplements to the Quran
· The deceptive methods used by Muslim leaders to conceal the dark underbelly of Islam in an effort to gain wider acceptance in Washington — and how Washington’s politicians and pundits, even after 9/11, buy into Muslim leaders’ hype about the peaceful, non-threatening nature of Islam.

>It’s About Time We Busted Those Kidnappers Who Have Been Forcing Our Kids Into Prostitution And Slave Labor. They Should All Get The Death Penalty…

FBI Director Robert Mueller speaks during a news conference at the FBI headquarters in Washington, Wednesday, June 25, 2008. Hundreds of people have been arrested and 21 children rescued in what the FBI is calling a five-day roundup of networks of pimps who force children into prostitution. Maybe some of my readers can tell me what penalties are available for them. In a 5-4
decision our liberal five jurists voted we can’t kill a rapist, even a child rapist. That’s why we need another Republican president. We need to break the strangle hold the liberals have on these kinds of decisions. Get out and talk up the presidential candidacy of John McCain. If Obama becomes president he would have all the offenders over to the White House for tea and crumpets, forget the victims.
(AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)