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February 6, 2009 — 10:45 a.m. EST

Connected, Fabulous … and Broke

Carlos Justo, Miami’s broker to the stars, struggles to sell off his luxury properties.

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Mortgage Banks Push for Federal Support

Mortgage banks are pushing for a slice of the federal support that is propping up the financial giants.

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The GOP Has a Dumb Mortgage Idea

It contradicts the ideals of Republicanism and good economics.

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Homes Near World-Class Restaurants

A look at an English cottage, Napa Valley condominium and Spanish villa — all situated near some of the best restaurants in the world.

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Parkers of Basketball, ‘Housewives’ List

Basketball’s Tony Parker and his wife, actress Eva Longoria Parker of “Desperate Housewives,” list their home … John McCain’s former home is still for sale … and more.

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Litton Turns to Reducing Principal

Litton Loan Servicing is stepping up principal reductions as part of an effort to keep financially distressed borrowers in their homes.

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Condo King Corus Weighs Options

Corus Bankshares is weighing a sale as the condo boom it helped fuel is beset by mounting defaults.

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Battle Over Lehman’s Real-Estate Carcass

Lehman Brothers‘ partners, creditors and vendors are fighting for what is left of the bank’s real-estate carcass.

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Loan Deadline Passes for General Growth

The payment deadline on General Growth’s $225 million loan passed without the debt-laden mall owner announcing an extension.

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Buyer and Seller Opt for Path Least Taken

In the case of the sale of three office buildings in New Jersey, Florida and California, both the buyer and the seller are going their own way in this market.