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>Hillary Wants You To Turn In Your Guns


Mexican Drug Wars are No Excuse for Restricting American 2nd Amendment Rights!

Dear Human Events Reader,
It is our fault that Mexicans are shooting themselves south of the border. For you see, if we did not have guns, they could not get guns. So banning guns in the United States will help to solve Mexico’s drug problem.
What? Huh?
These pearls of wisdom came from our Secretary of State and were shared with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and just reinforced by Senator John Kerry (who really should just move to France).

Hillary is so certain that gun control will be enacted she is telling foreign leaders it will happen.

Why not? Bill Clinton did it. Obama wants it. Holder wants it. Biden wants it. Pelosi wants it. They have the House, the Senate and the votes to get it done. So why not get cocky and travel the world and say it will be so?

A gun ban will happen unless we do everything in our
power to assemble and fight back.