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>Fidel Castro Predicts Obama’s Death


Obama Under Threat, Castro Says


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4:07pm UK, Sunday October 12, 2008

Former Cuban president Fidel Castro has claimed it is a “pure miracle” that US presidential candidate Barack Obama has not been assassinated.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro weighs in on presidential race

Most of the following is from Sky News,

It is ironic that the very man whose name came up so much after the assasination of President John F. Kennedy should now be predicting someone’s out to get Barak Obama.

In those days, many thought Castro had something to do with the president’s death near the Texas Book Depository in Dallas. It has never been proven, but still the erie spector of Cuban antipathy for America exists. Lee Harvey Oswald was in Cuba and Russia prior to the assasination and he is credited with shooting Kennedy. Who set him up, the Mitchell report did not say, and left it with a very non-conclusive ending. Read what Castro now says about the people he hates, Americans, and about the gloomy road Obama must walk, in Fidel’s opinion, even if he is elected.

Mr Castro also accused American society of being marked by “profound racism”, as he revealed his thoughts on the race for the White House ahead of the election on November 4.

He wrote: “Millions of whites cannot reconcile in their minds with the idea that a black man with his wife and children would move into the White House, which is called just like that – White”.

He added that it was a “pure miracle” the Illinois senator, who became the first black politician to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, has not been the target of an assassination attempt.

Barack Obama

Obama leading in the polls

The ailing Cuban communist leader described Mr Obama as a politician who “has the habit of looking at his opponent with serenity and laughing at his rhetorical attacks.”

Mr Castro also mocked Republican candidate John McCain for his apparent poor grades at a naval academy and said the party’s vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin “knew nothing at all about anything”.

Mr Castro, who handed power to his brother Raul earlier this year, made his remarks in a commentary that appeared on the website Cubadebate.

His comments came as the White House race was hit by a war of words.