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Family Weekend Article: “Mormons and Film”
– Excerpted from an article by Randy Astle with Gideon O. Burton

Jared Hess known for the role of Napoleon DynamiteThe scope of Mormon film is grander than one might guess at first, stretching back to the beginning of film in the 1890s. Some three thousand films have been made by and about Latter-day Saints, representing an enormous contribution to Mormon culture and to the history of film in general.

From the earlier, sweeping stereotypes popular in the anti-Mormon cinema of the early 1900s (and Church efforts to neutralize these films with its own productions), to the evolution of a modern LDS film industry, the history of Mormon film is a dynamic one, full of twists and turns along the way.

Lights, Camera, Action

At the same time movies first appeared in the 1890s, the Church was also experiencing an important cultural revolution: a shift from pioneer isolation to modern integration. The manifesto ending polygamy came in 1890, and the Salt Lake Temple was dedicated in 1893, concretely ending the pioneer period. Additionally, by the 1890s, Church leaders stopped counseling converts to move to Utah, marking the end of the gathering period. The Church was now ready to engage the world, and there was no better opportunity for this than through the new medium of film…

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Family Fun: “Early Spring Activities”

Beautiful FlowersThe weather is getting nicer and the days are getting longer – it’s time to get outdoors again and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Try some of these activities for a day of good, old-fashioned spring time fun.

1.Go fly a kite! March winds make this activity perfect. Find a kite that is…
2.Enjoy some…

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April 2009 Sharing Time:
Following His Way
– by Shauna Gibby
A path between trees with beautiful leavesThis sharing time will help children understand that by following Jesus they can return to live with Heavenly Father.

Preparation: Obtain a ball of yarn and the pictures of Jesus Christ mentioned in the presentation. Before sharing time, post the pictures around the room. Tie one end of the yarn to a chair near the back of the room.

Presentation: Ask the children to look around the room and raise their hand if they can see a picture of Christ. Choose a child. Have them take the ball of yarn and string a line from the chair to the picture they found. Place a chair near the picture and tie the yarn to it. Discuss what Jesus is doing in the picture and how the children can follow His example. Sing a song that reinforces the principle, if desired.

Choose additional children and repeat choosing pictures, stringing yarn, discussing principles, and singing until all the pictures have been used.

Jesus Washing the Apostles Feet (Gospel Art Kit #226 or Gospel Art Book #55)

Jesus served his Apostles by…

Boy Jesus in the Temple (Gospel Art Kit #205 or Gospel Art Book #34)

When Jesus was twelve years old he…

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