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>Government Shutdown Just First In Series of Coming Crises For Inexperienced Obama

>”Crude Oil” to:

By Don White

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that the government shutdown is just the beginning. There will be crisis after crisis for Barak Obama all over the world, but mainly in America; and they will be economic crises much like the one he kind of turned his back on right up until the last week when negotiations between House, Senate, and the President broke down.

This country is like a speeding train out of control. Not only do we have an inexperienced president, but one who seems to care little about Americans and their problems. The Gulf Oil Spill was one of the first indications to me that he doesn’t care about us. It took him two weeks to even make a fly-over of the area and then he said he was completely in charge when everyone knew he wasn’t.

Then he turned the entire matter of the clean-up over to BP Oil, blaming them for the spill and saying now it was their obligation to clean it up and make things right with the public. A public, I might add, that still is upset about how Obama and his administration handled it.

Coming soon will be – it’s already here – soaring oil and gas prices. Oil is at record highs, When will it hit a hundred fifty a barrel? Gas throughout the nation is at 1980s rates – up around four dollars a gallon. This is unacceptable to Americans because they are smarter than Obama. They, at least, balance their own budgets. For crying out loud, they have a budget; and it appears Obama and the Democrat Congress prior to the current Republican Congress didn’t pass a budget all of 2010. That set a record for our government running without a budget. It opened up the way for Obama to spend anything he wanted. And he did. He pushed the Federal Spending Deficit up past $14 Trillion – increasing it from some four trillion with Bush.

When gas prices soar, which they are doing, food and other commodities will go sky high. But it seems President Obama doesn’t care. Last week, as reported by Rush Limbaugh, Obama responded to a question at a meeting at which he spoke. A man way in the back raised his hand and said he drove an SUV that gets only 8 miles-per-gallon. He asked whether the president was going to do something, like they did in the 1970s when gas prices soared? His response was inane, but typical for an inexperienced bureaucrat who has a chauffer trundle him around in black limos and doesn’t pay a dime out of his own pocket for gas.

“I suggest you trade in your old clunker for a new Ford, Chrysler, or GM car that gets better gas mileage.”

Yeah, that was his response. “Buy a new car.” Not a very well-thought-out response, was it? But it foreshadows how Obama will handle the food crisis we are encountering – the rapidly rising prices for food of all kinds. When people can’t afford to feed their families – or to drive to work – there will be hell to play during the coming 2012 elections and it won’t matter if it’s Mitt Romney, Mike Huckaby, Palenty, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump or even this writer, Donald White, who is running on the Republican ticket. Even the union workers will abandon this president when they start messing with their ability to take care of their families. And rising food prices are coming, no doubt about it.

If the above occurs, which the American Inflation Association, has been warning us about for the last couple of years, then it will be one economic crisis after another. If Obama and company can’t get their act straight and make cutting the deficet their number one priority, the interest alone on our Chinese loans will eat us alive. We will have other government shutdowns, and it will be because the transfer of money to the Chinese from the U.S. will accelerate to something we don’t want to see. The Chinese already own the U.S., thanks to Barak Obama. Will he wake up in time to save the nation or be counted out in 2012. Probably the latter.