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>America Is In Debt $55 Trillion, Not Just $14.5 Triillion


Two years ago, Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., shocked the world when he stated,
“If you started the day Jesus Christ was born 
and spent $1 million every day since then, 
you still wouldn’t have spent $1 trillion.”
This statement came on the heels of President Barack Obama releasing his $819 billion “rescue plan.”  A plan that seems to have rescued only Big Banks, Wall Street, and certain political insiders.
A plan that in hindsight was cheap.
Since then, Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke have gone on a spending spree like two thieves with a stolen credit card.
Now TRILLIONS have been squandered on Obamacare, “quantitative easing,” and more bailouts.
Because of these controversial actions, our national debt has dangerously soared past $14 trillion.
Please Don’t Let Your Eyes 
Glaze Over This Number.
That’s exactly what THEY want you to do.
With everyone throwing out “millions, billions, and trillions” . . . it’s hard to conceptualize how your money is being mishandled.
  • Going back to McConnell’s example, you would have to spend $1 million a day for38,975 years to hit that $14 trillion mark.
  • One trillion $1 bills stacked one on top of the other would reach nearly 68,000 miles
  • A billion seconds is about 32 years. A trillion seconds is 32,000 years
But $14 trillion is only the “official number.”
According to a plethora of websites, like, when you include Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, interest owed on debt, and other factors, our real debt is a daunting $55 trillion.
Your family is responsible for a jaw-dropping $683,161.
And make no mistake . . .
The money wired to Wall Street, Big Banks, and Bigger Government is coming out of yourpocket.
And while your hard-earned money is being “taxed” away, you are about to get blindsided by an inflation tidal wave.
You see, it used to be that the Fed had to print money to pay their cohorts. Today, it’s all electronic . . . a few keystrokes can create millions of virtual Benjamin Franklins.
And Bernanke’s injection of fabricated capital is rendering the American dollar worthless. (The greenback has lost 50% of its value since 1985!)
The inflation avalanche is at our doorstep.
Gasoline is already surpassing $4 a gallon on its way to $7, and then $10. And as rising prices make everyday staples like milk and bread unaffordable, millions will be left drowning in a vicious cycle of debt and despair. 
I suggest you read my latest article that ties together the bad fortunes of America and Japan. Each nation has a tragedy, but Japan’s earthquakes and tsunami and resulting horrendous damage is no fault of theirs. Our tragedy is the large debt we just outlined above, which is OUR fault. Ours only when you consider it was just last November that people woke up at the polls and voted out six score of incompetent Democrats and Republicans from Congress. In 2012 we must finish the job by defeating an incompetent president, Barack Obama and a bunch more of Congressional progressives. Obama is by far the worst president we have ever had. But that won’t be enough to get him thrown out of office. We must rally our friends and vote him out. 
We called last November’s effort at the polls successful work of the Tea Party, but we are all Tea Party people if we want America to rebound and succeed. Unfortunately, Republican leadership is acting like it was their doing. Many of the holdovers are part of the problem and they, too, must go along with their long-time friends the Democrats.
Also, after you read my article, “Is America Dead” on, click onto a must-see video. And what you will discover in this video is nothing short of PURE GENIUS.
To your success,
Don White