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>LPGA Now Requires English

>America’s Lady Professional Golf Association now requires everyone on the tour to speak English. This sport is international, with the largest percentage of foreign players from South Korea, Australia, and Sweden.

Most Players From A Foreign Country:

South Korea 45%

Sweden 15

Australia 11

There are 121 international players on the LPGA Tour–you know, that golf tour where the ladies get to wear shorts while playing golf for money? As opposed to the staid men’s golf professional who must wear pants. I’ve seen some of those men in shorts and they don’t look too good.

What do you say? Should a golfer making her money in the United States be required to speak English? It certainly would be an advantage for that to happen, considering the endorsements, sponsors, speaking engagements, and interviews that they must participate in. And considering the fact that few of us speak Korean or Swedish. If the best Swedish player in the world, Annika Sorenstam can speak English, why not the rest of the babes?

In mens baseball and basketball, MLB and NBA, the foreign men speak some form of English. Sometimes it’s limited, but they speak it and we appreciate the game more for it. My take is that they definitely should speak English. How about some of you foreigners? How do you feel about that?

The question is this: Should the foreign players be required to learn and speak English? Please leave a comment.