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>Can You Detect A Forged Email?


DomainKeys help detect forged email

Last Updated: July 14, 2010
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DomainKeys is one of the tools Yahoo! uses to fight against forged email. It uses encryptiontechnology to verify that an email is really from the domain from which it appears to be. If a message has been verified through DomainKeys, you’ll see a small icon of an envelope and key in the email header.
It’s also a good idea to manually double-check the From: field of an email message to make sure it is really from who it claims to be from. For example, an email from Yahoo! is from “…” and not from a spoof domain such as “…”).
For more information about our tools and how you can protect yourself from forged email, visit ourantispam center.
If you’re a postmaster interested in having your site implement DomainKeys to protect your domain, you can find details here. If you are an end user of an email domain that you want to have use DomainKeys, contact the postmaster for your domain by sending an email to “postmaster” at your domain (for example, “”).