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Any Idea How Subversive The ACLU Is?
They’ve Made Americans Second-Class Citizens

It’s interesting–whenever there’s a controversy that will make the front pages you can bet the American Civil Liberties Union is all over it. Naturally, they are the darlings of both America’s liberal court system and its left wing “Fourth Estate.”

Many years ago when I went to law school there was no such thing as the “cultural defense.” Yet, today the ACLU has this defense up its sleeves every time there is a foreigner in the news or on the verge of getting kicked out of the country for violation of our laws. But because of the “cultural” defense, the ACLU has had uncanny success with judges in getting a matter dismissed that would land an ordinary American in jail for several years–and which used to warrant deportation of an alien.

Example: The ACLU invented the new “Cultural Defense” so that their foreign clients with plenty of money could slither around the law. In his book, The Enemy Within, radio show host and author Michael Savage paints an exasperating picture. “The cultural defense goes something like this: ‘Your Honor, I know my client killed his wife here in America, but she cheated on him. In the village in China where my client was born, it’s actually okay to kill your wife if she cheats on you. My client was just acting in accordance with his culture.”

Savage then cites an actual case where this defense worked in the New York Supreme Court, “People Versus Chen.” Doug Lu Chen lived in New York as a Chinese immigrant. He was there for a year when he learned his wife Jian Wan had an extramarital affair. Several weeks later, September 7, 1987, Chen “wacked” his wife in the head eight times with a hammer.

The ACLU paid for and produced an expert witness from a fancy liberal college–and you can find many of them in and around New York and Boston–an anthropologist from Hunter College, who told the court that in China Chen’s infidelity would be viewed in the traditional Chinese culture as a sign of Chen’s weakness. Murdering her could be explained by understanding his cultural background.

Since when did we have to understand someone’s cultural heritage to not call murder murder? The ACLU succeeded in moving the court over to this defense, and the judge drank it in like a stupid teat suckling jackass. Little do they know the harm they have done to our country. Or maybe they know and don’t care. We all had a brush with Muslim “honor killings” when the Islamic from Texas intentionally killed his two beautiful teenage daughters. Had he lived in an Arab country, Islamic law would have condoned those “murders.” But he was living in Texas, actually holding dual citizenship in Egypt and America.

He fled, and I haven’t heard whether he caught a flight to Egypt and went into hiding or not. But it doesn’t really matter because when and if American authorities apprehend him or not. If extradited and brought to trial in America, a liberal court, egged on by the ACLU, would find him not guilty anyway. There have been similar cases of so-called “honor killings” this year, and with more Muslims living in the U.S. there will be plenty more. These people are trying to live a bankrupt religion, as per their understanding of the Quran or the Hadiths.

Nobody claimed that Chen was insane or irrational under pressure. Her attorney stuck with the “cultural differences” argument. It diminished his capacity, he couldn’t just divorce the woman or get over it and forgive her.

Justice Edward K. Pincus wanted to side with the ACLU and he did. He stated: “Cultural factors lesson the defendant’s responsibility for certain crimes.” Wow! It didn’t matter that this was a capital one case. Murder in New York could have carried the death penalty or at least a penalty of life in prisonment without parole. New York’s capital punishment law wasn’t declared unconstitutional until 2004. An American citizen born in America would have faced capital punishment under similar circumstances.

As the worm turns, it pays to be foreign born in America. Foreigners have greater rights in America than Americans? Yes! That’s what liberal judges have done to us, under the prodding of the ACLU. Chen ended up with a charge of manslaughter in the second degree and a sentence of five years probation after murdering his wife in cold blood.

Savage has researched this and says it is not an isolated exception. As you will discover in future articles, in a growing number of American courts Americans take a back seat to their foreign counterparts when we decide issues of fairness for crimes committed here in the land of the free. Indeed, we are becoming a nation of second-class citizens, made so by our liberal judiciary and a crooked ACLU.

>The Fourth Estate

>Representative Mike Pence of Indiana, a Republican conservative, punctured the White House alarums with a blunt warning: “The only check on government power in real time is a free and independent press.” The Senate should show the same good sense and the same veto-proof resolve.

I rarely agree with the New York Times, but this is one of those cases. No administration should be allowed to take away the strength of the Fourth Estate, which is the protection granted to the Press to shield its sources.

The Press is a safeguard against an overly aggressive Executive Branch. It has proven effective in the past, and it will again.
Read the excellent Times story.