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>Speech, Elections: Are America and Iran The Same?

>Windermere, FL – In some very important ways there is no difference between Iran and America:

1) Both peoples yearn for freedom.

2) One country is free, the other would like to be like America — but not the leaders, the mullohs, the ruling clerics of the land, who have a strangle hold on freedoms in Iran. But Iran is looking at neighboring Iraq and wondering why their women can vote, take jobs outside the home, and be immune from stoning. While in Iran, since the fall of the Shaw, they have been under Sharia law – which scholars trace to Mohammad, but other scholars are not so sure he espoused any of their tyrannical and inhuman tenets.

Personally, I cannot see a man of God ordering the stoning of anyone caught for any crime short of murder. And even that is barbaric. In the Bible, we learn of the Savior who near the temple encountered a group of people about to stone a woman accused of adultery. In fact, they caught her in the act. But Jesus Christ asked if any of them were perfect. “He that is perfect, cast the first stone,” he said.

Soon the crowd of accusers dispersed, leaving just the Savior and the woman. She asked if he was going to stone her and he said no, go your way and sin no more. In other words, I believe the people of Iran would like to accept Christ’s doctrine rather than keep some of the old error-filled ways dictated by their own law which includes the superiority of men over women, polygamy (men can have up to four wives at one time), and the law called jihad, which the aggressive warring Wahabi sect of Muslims misinterpret as meaning any time they want they can declare war on someone or on a country as they have on the U.S. and Israel.

3. Both countries yearn for freedom of speech and free elections. We here in America say we have freedom of speech, and so far we do. But if Mr. Obama gets his Democratic Congress to go along with him – and they are mere sheep amongst the current master of deception , he will instill fear in the people of America by outlawing conservative talk radio, for example. He will outlaw anyone who criticizes his regime and him personally. He is personally upset with Fox Television because they are the only television network that allows facts to be facts, that criticize Obama.

He isn’t popular on Fox and he wonders why.

Believe me, he is planning to abolish conservative talk show hosts like Sean Hanity, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck. Once he does that he believes we will all be so afraid, we wouldn’t dare to say anything that would appose him.

A quiet but relentless effort is underway in the United States to circumvent our First Amendment rights and introduce a European-style “defamation of religion” restriction on free speech. A parallel effort, known as “libel tourism”, involves libel lawsuits filed through the British courts with the aim of silencing American authors who criticize Islam and expose terrorist financing.

These are stealth projects designed and supported by the various front groups of the Muslim Brotherhood, which have spread petrodollars around in a bipartisan fashion in an attempt to corrupt the political system.

It’s interesting that news of the effort to resist the suppression of free speech in the USA comes from Europe News. Maybe the Europeans — with their greater proximity to the endgame of Islamization — feel the danger more acutely than we do.

Iran, on the other hand, does not have freedom of speech. The harsh regime of Maumoud Ahmadinejad, the Mulloh-chosen dictator, controls television and radio.

Does America have truly “free and fair” elections? I don’t think so when you think about ACORN, the Obama support arm which gets public money and supports primarily Democrat politicians. ACORN should be abolished. It does not foster free elections in America, in fact just the opposite. They cheat and stuff ballot boxes, paying people to vote fifteen times or more. In twelve or more states their ugly practices are being opposed. they are under indictment and defending those lawsuits with our money. Yes, with taxpayer money.

In the name of justice, I call for the total outlawing of ACORN and all of its many affiliates. It’s not fair, it’s not open, it’s not freely audited by independent sources.

What’s the difference between having an “illegal” arm of one candidate and one party pouring money into campaigns throughout the country – some of it from foreign persons, and all of it unaudited – and a candidate not living up to the $2300 cap on donations for primaries and another $2300 for general elections? No difference.

That donation cap law must apply to all candidates wherever and from whom they receive their money. We must stop the practice of taking tax dollars out of the treasury and giving it to Democreats or Republicans. That has got to stop.