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>Speaker Pelosi Will Censor Our Free Speech Rights If She Has Her Way. Vote "Nay" Now!

Nancy Pelosi just said “yes” to the Fairness Doctrine that could muzzle Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other conservative radio talk show leaders.

Pelosi is now clearly on record supporting government censorship of our free speech rights. She also insinuated that The Broadcaster Freedom Act wouldn’t see the light of day, and added there is strong, support for a revival of the “Fairness Doctrine.”

Our friends at the Media Research Center have launched a national petition to counter this and overwhelm her with a message that grassroots Americans want their Free Speech Rights defended and protected from government intrusion.

Already, over 100,000 citizens have signed. Please go here to have your name added to this vital petition.

Again, Pelosi made it clear that she will work to silence the voice of conservatives on the airwaves through the fairness doctrine.

Please take action. Services