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>Obama Is A Worse Dictator Than Hitler – Says The Judge, Napolatano

>By Don White

Listen to this video about Constitutional Freedom and you be the judge. Judge Napolatano on his Fox TV Show told his viewers why he believes the current successions of presidents, including Bush and Obama, are tearing the Constitution apart.

Have you ever asked why Obama isn’t keeping his promises to:
     1) Close Gitmo?
     2) Drain the swamp and change the dirty practices of Washington D.C.?
     3) Not jail people who have been proven innocent in a court of law?.
     4) Not end the wars immediately?
     5) Not to go to war again without approval of Congress?
     6) Treat people and representatives from both parties with equal justice and claim on his time?
     7) Solve the problems with social security and medicare?
     8) Be frugal, spend wisely, (not go on these multi-million-dollar escapades we normal folks call vacations on the American taxpayer with entourages of five hundred people following along?
 …….and on and on and on. The litany of lies and unkept promises of this president, Barack Obama, are endless, Endless, Endless, Endless, Endless, endless…….

Listen to the video above and you decide if Obama is a crook or what. Or, does “presidentitis” occur with every president. President-itis is a new word meaning when one reaches high office he cannot keep his promises because his lies overcome his conscience until he has no conscience. the only thing that matters is getting elected, then getting re-elected so they can have endless money coming from the taxpayer to keep them for the rest of their lives. I think President Clinton, for example, makes almost two-hundred thousand dollars in pension just because he was the president for eight years.

If you think past presidents should be cut off entirely, I’m with you.
If you believe in term limits, then I’m with you.
If you believe we should abolish the Fed, then I’m with you.
If you believe we should pass a balanced budget amendment, I’m with you.
If you believe we should bring our boys home and end the wars immediately, I’m with you
If you think we should impeach our current president for taking us to war without Congressional approval, then I’m with you.
If you think we should support the Governor Walkers, Scotts, Christys, and others like them, then I’m with you.
If you think we need a national right to work bill, then I’m with you.
If you think unions have become too powerful and we need to trim their tails, then I’m with you.

Oil is very important to the existence of our country. Without oil and gas we could not drive our cars, heat our homes, and have the many synthetic plastic products that are derivatives of oil. Viva la Oil! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t develop what a famous scientist a hundred years ago hit on – Tesla. He was working on cord-less electricity that could light and heat our homes. If America were smart, it would put a chunk of taxpayer money down on such a project.

>Join The Conservative Underground

>Well, the “first 100 days” of the new Obama administration are over — and already he is well on his way to “remaking” America, as he promised to do during his campaign.
Not “restore,” mind you. Not “rebuild.” “Remake” — as in, turning America into something it wasn’t before.
And if we allow him and his fellow Democrats to continue along this path, the country you and I know and love will simply no longer exist. Everything we conservatives have fought to defend and preserve will have been lost.
In its place will be a country we scarcely recognize. What will it look like? Let me give you a glimpse…
During his campaign, Barack Obama often spoke of his desire to “remake” America, to be a “transformational” President.
Transforming it.
And over the next few months, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress plan to deliver on that promise.
Under color of “solving” an economic crisis that their buddies helped create and their policies will only make worse, they are engineering the most radical change in the relationship between our government and its citizens in America’s 233-year history.
This is not “change” as you and I want it.
And if they succeed, the country you and I know and love will no longer exist. Everything we conservatives have fought to defend and preserve will have been lost.
In its place will be a country we scarcely recognize. What will it look like? Let me give you a glimpse…

    IT WILL BE AN AMERICA where a majority of citizens receive lavish government handouts and benefits but pay no federal income taxes, meanwhile voting themselves still more benefits from the shrinking minority who do pay taxes — at ever more “progressive” ratesIT WILL BE AN AMERICA where “universal health care” means waiting months, even years, for urgently needed treatment — unless you happen to be politically powerful or connected — and where all your private medical information is on a government database (don’t worry: they promise never to use it against you!)IT WILL BE AN AMERICA where “green” ideologues and other nanny-staters dictate what we drive, what we eat, home energy usage, the size of our houses, and even how many children we can haveIT WILL BE AN AMERICA where our major industries, crippled by government mandates, taxes, and regulations, end up becoming taxpayer-supported dinosaurs that can no longer compete in the global marketplaceIT WILL BE AN AMERICA where all employers will be forced to hire and promote not according to ability but according to race, gender, and ethnicity — all in the name of “diversity”IT WILL BE AN AMERICA where our once-great centers of finance, industry, culture, and innovation — from New York to Silicon Valley — will have gone to seed, while only Washington, D.C., and its environs prosperIT WILL BE AN AMERICA, in short, where only politicians, government bureaucrats, and their favored constituencies are able to thrive — and where the only “liberty” that remains is the government’s unlimited freedom to control every aspect of your life

I ask you now, my friend: Would you want to live in such an America? Would you want to bequeath such an America to your children and grandchildren?
Neither would I. But guess what? We don’t have to. Because believe me when I say…

But we’ll have to fight. And we’ll have to pull together — as conservatives, as patriots — as never before.
Because make no mistake: Our would-be masters in Washington will stop at nothing to secure the power they’ve come to think of as theirs by divine anointing. They will do everything they can to harass, intimidate, and marginalize any conservative opposition that stands in their way.
Already, they’re preparing to use the full force of federal power to stifle their most influential opponents — by reviving the “Fairness Doctrine,” for instance, to silence conservative talk-radio… by enacting “card check” laws that would expose anti-union workers to intimidation and harassment… by passing the so-called Freedom of Choice Act to force pro-life medical professionals to refer patients for abortions.
And who will stop them? The “watchdog” mainstream media? The ACLU? Don’t make me laugh.
But all is not lost — far from it. For as bleak as things may seem right now, freedom of speech and of conscience is not dead in America. It’s just gone underground…
… to The Conservative Underground — where people like you and me are free to think, say, and believe whatever we wish, no matter what the forces of political correctness may have to say about it.
Here in The Conservative Underground, you’re free to speak your mind even if…

  • … you don’t believe that Barack Obama is the Second Coming of J.C. (unless that J.C. is Jimmy Carter)
  • … you don’t believe that America needs a “New New Deal” — in the form of a trillion-dollar “stimulus package” — to solve today’s financial crisis (knowing that, in fact, it will only make things worse)
  • … you don’t believe that bans on oil drilling in ANWR and off our coasts serve America’s need for energy independence — or that wind and solar power are better for our country than nuclear power
  • … you don’t believe that the U.S. Constitution is a “living document” that means whatever any Supreme Court majority declares it to mean
  • … you do believe in all the old-fashioned virtues and principles — such as faith, family, freedom, and self-reliance — that made America great, and can help restore that greatness once again.

If those are the things you value most — and that you think are still worth fighting for, no matter how bleak things may seem at the moment — then let me be first to say…

Welcome to the
Conservative Underground