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>Utah Freshman Congressman, Jacob Chaffets, Sleeps On A Cot

>CNN is running an ongoing column by Utah freshman representative
of which I will share with you. He sleeps on a cot in his office to save $1500 a month and avoid commuting time and expense while he’s away from his home and family in Utah. Read the excerpt, then click to the story.
Over the past several weeks, the 22 Republican freshmen have been building our friendships.
Our bond is tight, we are all working hard and we are having fun, too. This week, House Republicans met with President Obama and debated the stimulus bill. I voted against it. Our national debt has increased an average of $2.8 billion per day since January 2007. We must cut spending, not increase spending, for the long-term health of our economy.
One day I went up to see my colleague Chris Lee’s (R-New York) office. He’s on the seventh floor of the Longworth Building and he had me crawl through the window in his office out to the balcony for a wonderful view of the Capitol. We talked about putting a barbecue out there in the summer and having the Republican freshman class over for some burgers.
Being a member of Congress is nothing short of amazing, but the worst part is not being able to go home to my family at night. I miss my wife, Julie, and our kids, Max, Ellis, and Kate. They are in Utah and I am here in Washington four nights per week.

It is an honor to serve. Now that we are settling in, the real work has begun. The noise in the hallway is the least of my problems. I’ve got my cot, now let’s figure out how to get
The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Jason Chaffetz.