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>Read "The Diary of Dick Cheney"

>Here’s my reaction, actually an email to the author of  The Diary of Dick Cheney which of course is pure satire.

Stuart Kreisman knows funny?

I wonder if Stuart Kreisman knows  the difference between funny and stupid? It will be a glad day in America when the “Big One” actually goes off separating California from the other 47 and off you go sailing into the blue Pacific, a country all your own. Before Obama took down the U.S. economy, the Golden Bridge State could have been the second or third largest country in the world. California once was a special place, but no more — too many Kreismans, Boxers, Pelosis, and Waxmans. It will never be the same.

California is already two states — the state of misery and the state of the secularist make believe. When are you finally going to close your borders and balance your budget — so that we the other 49 don’t have to pick up after you?

Good luck on sales to your new, outlandish book. You should send Bush and Cheney complimentary copies so they can get their attorneys on it pronto. They may dig out things that are actually so offensive they leave you uncovered, having committed libel. A few lawsuits here and there could actually be good. They could focus the world’s attention on the “funny man” and rush out to buy your book, but of course you’ve already thought of that. But the way the judiciary is going, you’ll be home free. Judges no longer use “Rule of Law” and the Constitution as their guideposts, they use the Sonja Sotomayor way of ruling by instinct.

My instincts tell me you’re a very funny man.

Don White

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