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>This Mass Murderer Won’t Die, But He Refuses To Fade Away


Libya Protesters Defiant After Gadhafi Speech
Heavy gunfire broke out in Tripoli as forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi tightened their grip on the Libyan capital while anti-government protesters claimed control of many cities elsewhere and top government officials and diplomats turn against the longtime leader. While residents of cities in the eastern half of the country celebrated, raising the flags of the old monarchy, the mood in Tripoli was bleak. Residents were afraid to leave their houses, saying pro-Gadhafi forces were opening fire randomly in the streets.
Benjamin R. Barber: Why Libya Will Not Be Democratic
What are the possible scenarios if Gadhafi survives the tumult? What happens if he does not survive? The one thing I am certain about is that, either way, the outcome is likely to be tragic rather than democratic.
Evelyn Leopold: Libya at UN: A Bridge Too Far
The UN Security Council condemned the violence in Libya, deplored the regime’s crackdown and said those responsible for killing some 300 people should be held accountable — a sign that Colonel Moammar Gadhafi has few friends.