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>Britain Set Up A Gang To Rule Saudi Arabia – America Sustains These Thugs – Obama Bows Down To them


Saudi Arabia – Gangster state
Brasscheck TV 

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To: Don White 


Bottom line: After WW I, Britain broke the Muslim
world into a number of arbitrary and highly corrupt
(and easily controlled) states.

The better to extract their oil from. Post WW II, the
US took over the deal.

Everyone knows that Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil,
but who are these guys?

First of all, it’s a criminal enterprise run by the
Saud family. It’s not a nation by any standard use
of the term.

The British armed the thuggish, fanatical Saud family
early in the 20th century to take over the region.

Then the US moved in and eased the Brits out.

Members of the Saud family and their friends live great.
Everyone else who lives there has one of the lowest standards
of living on earth.

The Sauds are major funders of terror, attacking any country
that doesn’t support its brand of Wahabi fanaticism.

Great guys. Our allies.


– Brasscheck

Oil is very important to the existence of our country. Without oil and gas we could not drive our cars, heat our homes, and have the many synthetic plastic products that are derivatives of oil. Viva la Oil! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t develop what a famous scientist a hundred years ago hit on – Tesla. He was working on cord-less electricity that could light and heat our homes. If America were smart, it would put a chunk of taxpayer money down on such a project.