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>Robert The Bruce’s Genes

>Some time ago I did some family history work under our Murdock line and found we had a lot of Scottish ancestry–the families Stewart, Maddox (yes, Marcia, we’re probably related), Bruce, Campbell and more. Then there it was, the name of Robert De Broos, later changed to Robert De Bruce, the great Scottish warrior/diplomat/landowner/emancipator of the Scots from English rule at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1312. There are a lot of books out on his history and about this magnificent heroic figure in our family history. If you go to downtown Edenborough,Scotland (or is it Eninborgh?) there is a massive statue of Bruce in full battle armor riding his horse.

I could, but I wont’ get into his history. Though just the thought of him–that he’s my 20th grandfather–really excites me. Just to think of this intrepid man is compelling, so it may be worth your while to go to or the library and look him up. I have read Robert the Bruce: King of Scots: Ronald McNair Scott’s wonderful book. I have not read the others: Nigel Tranter’s Robert The Bruce:The Price of The King’s Peace. Nor have I read our cousins’ Charles Randolph Bruce’s and Carol Bruce’s books Rebel King: The Har’ships or Rebel King:Hammer of The Scots.

You can tell by this blog that we’re going to have a very good time. At one very impressionistic time in my much younger life I dreamed, of course erroneously, that if Bruce was my 20th Grandfather I must share at least a little of his genes. I quickly disabused myself of that fantasy. I worked it out mathematically. Go back 20 generations and I have more than 6,000 grandfathers and grandmothers whose DNA is sprinkled very lightly into my gene pool, and there is just as much of each one of these other grand people’s genes in me as Bruce’s. In the Church what I had felt is called pride, so banish the thought.

We are all part of these genes, those who claim his ancestry. But we can thank many others for our genetics besides the good king of Scotland. Our parents, primarily. God bless you ’till the next blog. Meanwhile, don’t ever allow yourself to get bored, and stay interested in something even if a little pride creeps in and you have to catch yourself and repent.

People who have to repent once in a while, as long as it’s not a major sin, seem to live longer than those saints who do not. I guess God is giving us a longer probation here on earth, so buck up. Life is wonderful, so live it as full and as best you can and follow President Hinckley’s advice: “Do your very best, things will work out–they always do.”
Don White