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>Russia’s Aim Is Clear: Capture Georgia

President Mikheil Saakasvilli was educated in America in law and is pro-American.

Russia doesn’t want to protect anyone, least of all the Ossetian Russians who fled when Georgian tanks rolled in. Russia’s aim is to take back Georgia by hook or crook. And by the time this post circulates, due to inaction on Bush’s part and bad advice from Democrats, the Russians will be in the driver’s seat, having killed or captured most of the Georgian army–an army that the U.S. financed and trained.

There is no excuse for inaction on the part of the United States. We have troops, planes, and other assets in nearby Germany. Land our paratroopers in Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi–downtown Tbilisi, in fact. We need a show of strength, NOW! Drop some tanks, have the airforce make a couple of strikes against Russia’s tanks. Drop them in their tracks. Then you will get the attention of Putin and Medvedev. Russia is an uninvited enemy. We would be an invited guest.

World opinion is on our side, as it is with poor little Georgia. It can’t possible stand up against this Russian assault. Help, George. Help…

If you wait for the European Union to act, as Democrats suggest, it will soon be too late. Even if you get an emergency session of the U.N. today and a resolution condemning Russia, so what? That won’t stop them. One thing Russia knows that all liberals must learn–especially Obama–is that you lead with strength, not with some pretty little gestures like Obama made the other day when he said all sides should act with “restraint.” That’s such a gentle word, it belongs in the Kindergarten, not rough-and-tumble world politics. I can’t believe he’s like that. What kind of person would seek the presidency in today’s world and not be tough minded?

Georgia is a small, hilly country. We have an embassy in Tbilisi so with one phone call we can logically and legally beef up our embassy and save this city by acting now. Georgia’s location, nestled between the Black Sea, Russia, and Turkey, gives it strategic importance far beyond its size. It is developing as the gateway from the Black Sea to the Caucasus and the larger Caspian region, but also serves as a buffer between Russia and Turkey. Georgia has a long relationship with Russia, but it is reaching out to its other neighbors and looking to the West in search of alternatives and opportunities. Right now it needs our help.

Georgia signed a partnership and cooperation agreement with the European Union, participates in the Partnership for Peace, and encourages foreign investment. France, Germany and the United Kingdom also have embassies in Tbilisi.

The tiny nation of Georgia is also a member of the United Nations, the OSCE, the CIS and the Council of Europe. Why have we heard so little from these groups about this crisis? What’s the use of belonging to groups if you get no help when it matters?

Because of its strategic location it is in both the Russian and American spheres of influence. In common with many ex-Soviet republics it is both influenced by and fearful of its larger neighbor. Now, we can see why! The invitation of US troops into the country caused tension with Moscow some time ago, but to that I say so what! that should not deter America from taking action while its still not too late. The Russian government also believes that Georgia is being used by Chechen separatists. That’s a ruse. The American government has interests in an oil pipeline passing through the country. Former president Eduard Shevardnadze attempted to balance these competing demands. The new leadership of President Mikheil Saakasvilli is much closer to the United States and George Bush. Friends don’t let friends down, George.

George, don’t let your presidency end on a sour note like this. Get a move on and do something dramatic to stop these Ruuskis. They are land grabbers in the worst way.

Georgia has many mountains. Its highest point is 5,048 m above sea level. The mountains running through Georgia are called the Caucasus Mountains.