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>Barak Obama Takes Flak Often

>Russian Hypocrasy and Tunnel Vision

We’re only two and one-half months from the general elections and presumptive Democratic candidate Barak Obama has already taken enough flak to take down a B-29 that bombed Japan twice to end World War II. The world hopes it doesn’t take atomic weapons to take down the terrorists in Afghanistan and the nuclear facility Iran is preparing deep in an Iranian bunker.

Russia is now selling the Iranians anti missile/bomb detection and destroy war materiale to take down any warship that flys over Iran’s borders. At the same time they tell the world Poland shouldn’t have that kind of missile defense capability. The two-faced Russians are always in on any deceit and deception throughout the world–in an effort to extend Russia’s theater of influence. Russia has a kind of inferiority complex–has had since 1991 when their economy imploded and they lost their satellite nations–nations Putin calls his “near-abroad”–in the Baltic and Caucasus, countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, and the Ukraine.

If it takes a B-29 type plane to knock out Iran’s nuc capability it will likely be the new B-2 Spirit, the Air Force’s top-of-the-line, nuclear-capable stealth bomber plane. Let’s hope Iran starts making concessions and agreeing with the west on this one so that no one sees bombing a necessity to eliminate nuclear proliferation.

Meanwhile, Republicans believe Barak will be too busy answering charges leveled against him in the above cartoon–especially of “no national security experience (despite Biden’s presence. Biden can’t be on the phone with him every minute of the day, when he talks to Putin who will try to manipulate the inexperienced Obama. Sooner or later he will get America in trouble with his lack of military knowledge, lack of economic experience, and lack of good judgment. His mouth is larger than his gigantic ears. He would be well advised to listen more and speak less).

>Russia Up To It’s Old Games of Shoot First and Denial


Georgia accuses Russia of ‘aggression’ over drone shooting

TBILISI (AFP) — Russia’s pro-Kremlin media chastised Black Sea neighbour Georgia on Tuesday over claims by Tbilisi that Russia had shot down a Georgian spy plane over one of Georgia’s separatist territories.

“Georgia has again tried to shift the blame for its own internal headache onto the healthy. And once again it is Georgia’s military spearheading this campaign,” commented state newspaper Rossiyskaya GazetaThe Izvestia newspaper took a similar line, saying that “the Georgian authorities once again are blaming Moscow for all their misfortunes.”

Izvestia said there were inconsistencies in Georgia’s account, principally an early Georgian denial that one of its drones had been flying over Abkhazia.

The mass circulation tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda suggested Georgia had made up the accusation after Russia moved to partially lift an economic embargo on the neighboring state.

Georgia on Monday accused Russia of committing “an unprovoked act of aggression” after alleging that a Russian fighter jet shot down an unmanned Georgian aircraft over the weekend .Moscow immediately denied the claim and Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed concern to his Georgian counterpart Mikheil Saakashvili about Georgian military flights over the separatist region of Abkhazia.

In a nationally televised address, Saakashvili accused Russia of “an unprovoked act of aggression against the sovereign territory of Georgia.”

He said Georgia, a former Soviet republic, had verifiable evidence that a Russian MiG-29 had shot down a Georgian reconnaissance drone over Georgian territory on Sunday.

Georgia’s allegation came amid spiraling tensions between Moscow and Tbilisi over Russia’s support for rebel separatists in Abkhazia and another breakaway region, South Ossetia.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Tom Casey said the United States was “very concerned” and a senior US official said Washington believed Georgia’s claims.

“I think at the moment, it looks pretty clear that what the Georgians are saying is true,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Saakashvili said he had called Putin and during a “difficult conversation” demanded that Russia end its support for Georgian separatists and “stop attacks on Georgia.”

Russian Air Force Commander Alexander Drobyshevsky denied the attack, telling the Interfax news agency: “There were no flights on April 20, when the Georgian aircraft was gunned down. Air force pilots had a day off.”

The Kremlin said that during his conversation with Saakashvili, Putin had “expressed his perplexity over the fact that the Georgian side is organising military flights over the conflict zone.”

The Kremlin statement did not explicitly deny the incident had taken place.

Georgia initially denied reports Sunday that rebel forces in its breakaway region of Abkhazia had shot down an unmanned drone, with Georgian officials saying the country did not possess the type of plane. Abkhaz officials previously claimed to have shot down a Georgian reconnaissance drone on March 18.

But in a statement released late Monday, the Georgian government said that the Russian plane had “blasted a Georgian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from Georgian airspace” while it was “conducting routine surveillance above the breakaway Georgian territory of Abkhazia.”

“Radar tracking and video transmitted from the UAV in the moments before its destruction confirm the details of the attack,” the statement said.