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>And We All Thought The Internet Was Beyond Government Control…


Obama angling for an “Internet Kill Switch”
Grassfire Nation 

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Grassfire Nation Update

        In the destructive wake of the Federal Communications
        Commission overstepping their constitutional bounds
        and seizing control of the Internet, we now have
        Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid introducing
        legislation that could be setting the stage for
        even greater federal control of the Internet —
        including giving Obama an “Internet kill switch”
        during a government declared emergency. See below
        for details and action items.


Not satisfied with seizing control of the Internet through
the Federal Communications Commission, Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid has now re-introduced the Cyber Security Act of
2011 (S.21), which would grant the Department of Homeland
Security sweeping and far-reaching powers to regulate,
ration, and restrict the Internet during times of emergency.

What constitutes an “emergency”?

According to Reid’s bill, “nearly every single American citizen
is touched by cyberspace and is threatened by cyber attacks.”
He continues, “Malicious actors in cyberspace have already
caused significant damage to the U.S. Government.”

Who are these malicious actors?

        It certainly isn’t a stretch to consider that anyone
        or any group opposed to the federal government’s
        statist actions could be considered a “malicious
        actor” and therefore be subject to the censorship
        and regulation that Reid is proposing. Could this
        be a clever liberal plan to silence conservatives
        and Tea Party Americans?

Don, regardless of the true intentions of the FCC takeover
and Reid’s legislation, the fact is, unless Americans speak
up against Internet control, further erosion of our rights
is guaranteed!

The only way to end this threat and restore and preserve
Free Speech rights is for citizens like you to express
their outrage to their lawmakers on Capitol Hill —
demanding a full investigation into the actions of the
FCC and challenging Reid’s legislation.

And since you’ve already added your name to our petition
calling for an end to the federal takeover of the Internet,
the next step is for citizens to express their concern and
outrage directly to their lawmakers.

+ + Fax Your Senators Today

Don, Grassfire Nation has created an exclusive platform
giving citizens like you the opportunity to respond via fax
to your two Florida Senators and other key lawmakers
by clicking below.

Click here to schedule your faxes for quick delivery:

      Sending faxes directly into the offices of your
      lawmakers is one of the most effective ways to
      communicate your thoughts and concerns. These faxes
      are noted and read, and do make a profound
      difference on critical issues of concern.

If you are concerned about the loss of your Free Speech
Rights with the federal takeover of the Internet speak up
by scheduling your personalized faxes today.

Click here to take fast action:

Grassfire Nation has also made it easy for you to send faxes
on your own by making the contact numbers and letters
available for download. Just click here for more:

After scheduling your faxes, or sending them on your own,
please take a few additional minutes to alert your friends
and family to stand with you against the federal government’s
attempt to seize the Internet by clicking here now:

Thank you for your outstanding efforts.

Grassfire Nation

P.S. 100,000 petitions will grab the attention of lawmakers.
That’s why grassroots Americans who are concerned about the
federal takeover of the Internet and the threats to Free
Speech Rights need to alert their friends to take quick
action to ensure they are included in our upcoming petition delivery:

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