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>More Money For Schools Solves Many Problems For U.S.

>Not all people are for helping schools. That’s not bad. A little debate and discussion is good. Where I come from that’s a Ruhbarb. I’m all for improving our schools, even spending more money on great teachers and facilities. I wrote an email to a friend and post his comments and mine here:

Hi, Don, Thanks for your replies. Just letting you know in case you didn’t notice on older posts there is no “Reply” option (a Google groups thing), just “Reply to Author” which means the author gets the message via email, but it doesn’t get posted to the group. If you’d like the message to show up in the group discussions you can just start a new post and copy and paste the message into it. –Barry

On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 9:48 AM, chipper wrote:

Again, bw1 is right. We need better schools, an accelerated program so
that kids can excel, not just exist in school. I’m advocating a school
system starting at age 4 and ending at age 16 when the brightest and
best students — and i would hope that would be all students — could
graduate college. Sounds wishful? Well, maybe it is. But it is high
time many of us started looking ahead, rather than behind as we so
often do in school matters. We think because a usual K1-12 format
worked for grandpa and grandma it should work for our children. Banish
the thought. Our four-year-olds are brighter and better equipped to
speak, think, compute and learn than at any time in history. Why not
release that energy and feed it by planning a program for students
starting when they are 4. Kids that age are computing, learning
languages, match, science, and other subjects anyway. They’re ready,
it’s just that society seems to be lagging. No, we need 12-month —
not 9-month — schools with high goals and expectations for students.
If this means, which is does, more money for teachers and schools then
I say let’s spend that kind of money. It’s far better spent on our
kids than on any GM car company or bank, you can count on that. I have
written an article on this subject which I would invite you to read on
Getting America Right
Kindest regards to an enlightened bw1 beedub
Don White

On May 12 2008, 11:34 pm, bw1 wrote:
I know times are tough right now all over the place, but if there’s
one thing we can’t afford to cut back on in Central Florida it is
funding for our public schools. Excellence in education is a vital
part of any successful long-term economic strategy for our region.
Without a solid well-funded public school system we absolutely will
not be competitive in today’s global economy. Central Florida’s
schools have been in dire need of qualified teachers and
administrators for a long time. The best way to get the best teachers
and administrators is to pay them well. To keep the best we must
continue to pay them well. Call your state legislators and urge them
to increase the funding for Florida’s public schools immediately.
They and Governor Crist promised us that our schools would not be cut
if Amendment 1 was passed. The very next thing he and our legislators
“accomplish” is to pass a budget with huge cuts in public school
funding! This must not be allowed to stand. The current generation
of kids in Florida deserve better than what our lawmakers have come up
with. Our leaders in Tallahassee must remain on the hook until this
unacceptable situation is resolved and our schools are awarded the
funding they so desperately need.