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>Neither Illinois Nor India Is Safe

>In the NY Times today there were two top sidebar stories. The first talked about the mess in Illinois–with a succession of corrupt governors. With corruption on top, there has to be corruption on lower levels which perhaps even affects safety on the streets. I don’t know anyone who is planning a vacation or honeymoon to downtown Chicago, do you?

Beneath this story was a warning from the government to be very careful traveling to India–or anywhere abroad. I don’t know about you, but I’m expanding my “abroad” to the “near abroad” when it comes to safety. And that includes the entire state of Illinois. It’s too corrupt, and what’s in the water to make so many governors go bad?

I think we should have a special prosecutor in Congress. Not to take the place of the FBI here, but find out how we can make it safe to travel to the Windy City.

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