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>Alan Grayson Subpoenaed For Lies, Fabrications, Financial Ties

Alan Grayson (D-FL8) Has Been Subpoenaed In Query Into Financial Ties To Doug Goetzeloe And  “Fake” TEA  (political) Party

This has been a very bad week for crass freshman Congressman Alan Grayson(D-FL8). 

(1) Polls show that Grayson is down by 7 points to his challenger conservative Republican Daniel Webster

(2) Grayson has been excoriated in the local and national media, by the Republicans and by members of his own party for placing TV ads that were completely fabricated and false, calling Dan Wbster “Taliban Dan”.

(3) And, yesterday Grayson was served with a subpoena to testify regarding questionable financial transactions between him and leaders of the “FAKE” TEA (political) Party…

Here are the stories:

Orlando Sentinel: Tea Party (movement)Activists Subpoena Grayson, Aim For Other Candidates

MSNBC: Grayson Subpoenaed on Florida Tea (political) Party Company Payments
WDBO: Alan Grayson subpoenaed in Tea (political) Party case
NBC 2 Orlando: Grayson Subpoenaed on Florida Tea (politial) Party Company Payments

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