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>Pictures From The Past – Depression Era

>So soon we forget what it was like here in America during the Great Depression. People suffered, a lot. They could barely buy food, let alone find a good house to live in. I was born in 1936. I know the small house where my parents were renting in Salt lake City. I was just a tyke in the thirties, but I do remember. At the time I was born Dad was just a kid himself, probably twenty or so. He married at seventeen or eighteen. I had one older brother and that was our family until a sister, Nancy, came along. there were two years separating the three of us.

But why dwell on the negatives. Many were far worse off than us. We lived in a house and I’m sure had plenty to eat. My mother was frugal and knew how to make clothing do by mending and sewing. She was a great cook and could feed our little family on just a little. Thank God we lived in Salt Lake City under the influence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, not Nebraska and the dust bowl.(Grapes of Wrath).

We are so blessed today. But I know there are hard times to come. Our only salvation is to listen to our Mormon Church leaders and have a year’s supply of food, money, and commodities on hand. Create a garden in your back yard. My brother-in-law Paul, who sent me the following photos of the depression, is a son of a magnificent farmer-businessman, Orin Christensen. Paul learned how to garden from his family and by working side by side with his father down on the farm-ranch (they raised cattle).

I have placed a lot of his recipes and other information on such pages as He lives in Washington County (St. George area) of Utah. He has a glorious garden in his back yard and is quite an expert on gardening. As for me, the most I have are two little patches of gardens on on the right side and behind the house and some pots filled with vegies – tomatoes, peppers, dill, mint, basil, and other herbs and things partially hidden by shrubs in the front. Don’t mention the last one to our HOA or they might ban them, though I have to say we have the greenest yard and the nicest appearing landscape of any here but I’m just a little prejudiced. ..

Yesterday, March 28, 2011, I planted three pots of herbs from seed – kale, mustard, and collards. On the other side of the house I planted some more Swiss chard to augment what I already have there. One of the nice things about chard is that it winters over, at least in Windermere, FL where occasionally we get freezing temperatures in January. The health benefits of Kale, Swiss chard, mustard, and collards is legendary. If you don’t eat those, you should. Check out an article about kale that I posted on :
 God bless everyone and good luck with your money management and preparation for the coming massive inflation that has been predicted. Have your year’s supply….
Don White

Because I have been given much…

Subject: 1935-1939 Pictures of the United States

America …during the years of 1935 – 1939





This was a mere 70 years ago …. Forward this.

Makes complaining about no cell service, high gasoline prices, not
enough cable channels, et al, seem a bit ludicrous.

I am reminded to be grateful for what I do have … 

Start each day with a smile and a prayer … then pass it on!


Ed Jackson
357 Pine Butte Lane
North Augusta, SC 29841

We didn’t have much. My dad was working at the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad and made laborers wages.

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