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>The Gulf Oil Spill Was A Year Ago

>By Don White
Today, April 20th, 2011, marks the one year anniversary of the BP Oil Company’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Business is back to normal–has been for several months. The problem is that Obama is using this to refuse to allow oil drilling in the Gulf. He will argue that he isn’t stopping anyone from drilling, but the whole truth is that despite having licenses, people are no longer starting new drilling because as soon as they do they know they’ll be sued by some environmental kook who belongs to Obama’s Green Movement.

   Oil from off-shore drilling is down 13 percent and gas prices are up 33 percent and headed for $5.00 per gallon in some cities like Chicago;  and the average U.S. cost of gasoline will be $4.00 next week. It’s already five dollars a gallon in Hawaii.
What does Heritage Foundation say?

The gas price headlines aren’t looking so good for Americans. Honolulu is a penny away from record gas prices. Chicago gas nears $5 a gallon. Nationally, $4 a gallon average gasmay be only be a month away. There’s something that President Obama could do to help solve the problem but, instead, he’s spending his time laying blame.
In a speech today in suburban Virginia, he said there’s plenty of supply to meet the world’s demand for oil, placing the blame for the high prices on speculators:
The problem is … speculators and people make various bets, and they say, you know what, we think that maybe there’s a 20 percent chance that something might happen in the Middle East that might disrupt oil supply, so we’re going to bet that oil is going to go up real high. And that spikes up prices significantly.

   The problem is that rising gas prices set everything else out of kilter. If you have been reading news from the American Inflation Association (AIG) you should be aware that we are headed for hyper-inflation in food and other commodities. We’ve been warning people for months and months about the coming uber-inflation. If you bought ground beaf at the corner grocery store you saw the price spiked up eleven percent since the first of the year.
Milk is up eight percent and corn? Corn is up 100 percent due to the fact we are running our cars on corn-made ethanol. If we can’t feed our people–and the world–blame ethanol proponents.
   Don’t be fooled. Get your one-year supply of food on your shelves, a year’s supply of cash, and whatever else you will need until prices come back down. And that may be a long time from now because Obama refuses to act like he cares. Like an ordinary president. Remember Bush and Reagan? Well, I’ve got news for you. he isn’t either one of these men. Obama doesn’t have an economic mind because he drives around in a limo and doesn’t pay for gas and oil.
   The next crisis after this one will be our money won’t be worth anything because an inept Ben Bernanke is playing games with our monetary system. Where’s Ron Paul on impeaching this financial quack?
   The real question is where is the president in all of this? Simple. He’s running around speaking before so-called tea party gatherings running for re-election, ignoring the problems of insufficient gas and oil. Both you and I are used to an administration that stayed home, worked on critical problems like these until solutions were found.
   Obama? He’s ignoring the entire problem, telling SUV owners that there is no solution to our gas price hike, so go out and buy a more efficient car. Meanwhile he’s allowing Brazil and Venezuela to drill off our coasts. Even the Chinese are drilling off Cuba, so we know there’s oil to be drilled. We just have an antagonistic president and the man should be defeated next year or impeached this year.
   Obama? Isn’t he the president who, following his close-down of oil drilling in the Gulf, visited Brazil and handed them a $2 Billion check and permission to drill in the Gulf of Mexico? Isn’t he the communist-leaning farce who likes to jive it up with Hugo Chavez and Hu Jin Tao, the dictator in China? Yes, he’s the world’s president, but he’s not doing good things for America. We elected him in 2008, but we can un-elect him next year.

   He’s an interesting political animal. He promises everything, but he can’t remember what he said in his last speech because he just reads his speeches. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.
   We all know Obama is really a communist sympathizer. That he’s probably a Muslim sympathizer, too, because he ignores Christians who are getting beat up by Muslims in Cairo, Egypt as we speak while he says he is Christian — but we all know that’s just a sound bite for the cameras.Isn’t he the man who caused the Eghyptian uprising, necessitating Murbarak to leave? Yes. And now the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over. Just what that country didn’t need.
   He even had the gall to say today in an Easter speech that Easter was special because it reminded us of Jesus.He doesn’t believe in the Savior, never did. but he’s running for president again and will say anything to get re-elected. He didn’t use the Savior’s name, but said “there is something special about the atonement” that we feel on Easter.

Wow! And he expects to be re-elected? Get the word out. He isn’t worth another four years. There won’t be an America if he’s here for four more years, and somehow I don’t think he even cares. Or is this part of his master plan–to take down America and enroll all of us in George Soros’ new World Order?
Don White

>Obama’s Oil Disaster Made Worse On Purpose


There have been many articles written about the corruption going on in our government and the move to world government which will cause death and suffering to millions of people for the sole purpose of a select few becoming rich and powerful.  Hopefully this article will make it more understandable. 
A side note.  Obama’s 6 month moratorium on off shore drilling will mean the expensive rigs will be sold or rented to other countries, never to return here again.  Too expensive to just let them sit there doing nothing.  This will hurt our economy.   Obama has “loaned” 2 billion of tax payer money to Brazil for exploring off shore drilling there.  George Sorros owns over 75 million dollars in that stock company and this will benefit him greatly.  Sorros in turn is bankrolling the “progressives” who are trying to bankrupt this nation to benefit a few fat cats.
Our administration is working feverishly to censor the internet and we may not have much more time to get the truth out.  Don’t let this precious time go to waste.

Please send this to everyone on your Email list.  The public needs to know what is going on. 
By Jon Christian RyterJune 19, 2010
First, let’s get this right. While this article will refer to the Gulf oil spill as the BP oil spill, we need to understand from the gitgo, this is Obama’s oil spill. He didn’t cause it, but he converted it into the crisis it has become for his own personal reasons and his own personal political gain..
By this time, the American people—if they are smart enough to tie their own shoes—have to be asking themselves a question. Or maybe two or three. I know it was a long time ago, but do you remember when the Deepwater Horizon well and platform explosions happened? In case you forgot—April 20, 2010. When White House resident Barack Hussein Obama stopped partying at the Party Palace on Pennsylvania Avenue long enough to decide he had let the BP oil crisis develop long enough that it would require a social progressive “crisis solution,” it was May 15. Obama let the BP oil spill dump what is now estimated to be 2.52 million gallons of crude oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico. That’s a total of 88,200,000 gallons of oil in 35 days. Yeah, that reeks of a crisis.
Most Americans don’t know that three days after the Deepwater Horizon platform sank to the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, along with any evidence of what caused the underwater pipeline explosion below the safety cutoff valves, the Dutch government called Obama and offered to loan BP ships outfitted with oil-skimming booms, and a plan to quickly build sand barriers to protect the marshlands that everyone knew would be affected worst if the seepage was left uncontained and the oil reached the Louisiana coastline. The Heritage Foundation reported that, according to one Dutch newspaper, the European oil companies that offered to help BP said that left to do the job alone they would have contained the oil and completely cleaned all of the oil scum from the Gulf of Mexico in four months. With the help of the US government, the report said, the cleanup would have be complete in three months or less. According to estimates from US Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen and BP, the cleanup would take an estimated nine months—after they got the leak plugged.
Again, what the American people don’t know is that 13 different countries offered to help clean the oil sludge from the Gulf. And, finally, what the American people don’t know is that the Obama Administration turned all of them down. Obama had a crisis in the making and as Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel so aptly told the media during the housing and credit disasters that led to the piling on of over $3 trillion in new taxes on generations of Americans in February, 2009, you “…never let a crisis go to waste.”
Had Obama allowed those 13 nations to contain the oil leak and clean up the mess within the first two weeks of the BP oil spill, the marshlands would not be devastated and the tourists would be flocking to the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico this summer. Instead, in the height of tourist season—June 15 until Labor Day—those who usually flock to the Gulf coast will be spending their vacations in North Carolina, or Cape Cod…or in their backyards at home wondering when Obama’s next crisis will devastate the industry they work in and end their jobs.
When Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal tried to get the White House to allow willing nations, experienced with oil spill cleanup in the North Sea, to come into the Gulf of Mexico to help, Obama cited the Jones Act as his reason for being forced to decline their offer of help. The Jones Act (also known as the Sailors’s Rights Act, Title 46 USC) is a protectionist piece of legislation that mandates that all goods transported by sea between US ports must be transported by US flag ships that are owned by US citizens and whose crews must be at least 3/4 US citizens.
However, the law provides a waiver in times of emergency. President Bush-43 used the waiver twice during his second term. First, in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina. He allowed foreign ships to transport oil and natural gas between US ports in the Gulf. In 2006, a waiver was issued so a foreign ship could bring a jack-up rig into Alaska’s Cook Inlet. Thus, emergency waivers are common. Which raises the question why Obama declined the offer of help which, had he accepted it, would likely minimized or eliminated the oil spill crisis in the Gulf.
But what should worry the American people most is the new life Obama’s oil crisis has pumped into the failed Cap & Trade legislation. Remember Cap & Trade? The Carbon Fuel tax? Cap & Trade or, if you prefer, Cap & Tax, didn’t die during the December, 2009 blizzard that greeted the environmental bureaucrats flying into Copenhagen, Denmark to attend the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (which was initially called theUN Framework Convention on Global Warming) until climate skeptics hacked hundreds of computer files and private emails exchanges between the world’s leading global warming “experts,” and released the data to the media in Europe on Nov. 9, 2009, less than a month before the Copenhagen Conference. Obama intended, on the last day of the conference, to back door Cap & Trade into the United States by signing what was known as theCopenhagen Protocol. Preparing for the Conference, the House enacted their version of Cap & Trade, theWaxman-Markey Bill (be sure you remember both Henry Waxman [D-CA] and Edward Markey [D-MA] on election day.) That legislation will ultimately bankrupt every American, and control the settings on the thermostat in your house, summer and winter alike. (That is, if you still have a home after Cap & Trade destroys the company you work for and you no longer have a job.)
The data proved conclusively that, for years, global warming advocates had colluded to manipulate data that supported the view that global warming was real when, in fact, the scientists and “experts” in natural and anthropogenic climate change who claimed the planet was heating up at a phenomenal rate knew the Earth was cooling down, not heating up. They knew the data they were presenting as fact was pure fiction based on corrupt computer models built on the philosophy of “garbage in, garbage out.” But, to punish the industrialized world for not sharing its wealth with the impoverished third world, the social progressives needed a catalyst that would allow them to tax the industrialized worlds for their greed.
Not in the least deterred after being caught in their lie, the global warming advocates arrogantly became “climate change” advocates. The conference was renamed, assuming without saying what everyone would know was ridiculous, the climate change advocates want us to believe that global cooling is also caused by man, and his misuse of carbon fuels. In reality, carbon dioxide is critical to the production of oxygen. Oxygen is a necessary component in the air we breathe and the water we drink. Without oxygen, and thus, without carbon dioxide, we all die…and the world the climate change advocates claim they are trying to save dies, too.
Cap & Trade was too important to let a little thing like that stand in their way of imposing a wealth-draining tax on the industrialized world and mandating a draconian reduction in carbon dioxide which, of course, will reduce crop yields worldwide at a time when a growing global population demands the production of even more food that requires—you guessed it—carbon dioxide to feed those plants and grow the food the world needs. Cap & trade is the catalyst that the world government advocates intend to use to redistribute the wealth of the world from the industrialized nations to the overpopulated third world—tomorrow’s key consumers and the future profit in the “profit and loss statements” of world’s Fortune 1000 companies. The fact that it will reduce crop yields, reduce the quality of air you breathe, and reduce water levels worldwide is of no importance to them because, in their view, there are too many people in the world and if a few million more die of starvation the world will be a better place for those who survive.
Since it is unlikely the US Senate, which knows it’s already in trouble with the voters, will let Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-NV] put Cap & Trade back on the table, Obama has already authorized theEnvironmental Protection Agency [EPA] to classify carbon dioxide as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act. Where does he get that authority? From the US Supreme Court, which decided on April 2, 2009 that the EPA has the authority to regulate heat-trapping gases in automobile emissions—i.e., carbon dioxide. The court also ruled that the EPA had an obligation to regulate greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming unless they (or hopefully, someone with a brain) present a scientific basis for not regulating them. In a separate decision, the high court also ruled that the EPA has the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and factories.
Chief Justice John Roberts, who wrote the dissenting opinion, said that the broad coalition of cities, counties and environmental groups that brought the lawsuit had no legal standing as litigants, and the case should never have been accepted by the high court. His dissent was joined by Associate Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito, Jr. When the social progressives on the high court hold 4 seats and can usually depend on the one swing vote, they can hear any case they wish to hear; and when they pull that swing vote left of center, they can win any case, whether it has legal standing or not. Once they prevail, those 5 judges have more power than 535 members of Congress.
The Obama EPA took the issue to court to undo 8-years of Bush-43 policy during which time President George W. Bush insisted the government did not have the authority to regulate carbon dioxide since it is a natural element necessary to sustain human life. Giving the EPA the authority to greatly reduce breathable air and drinkable water on Earth were Associate Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John Paul Stevens, David Souter, Stephen Breyer and swing vote Anthony Kennedy. Since Souter has retired and Stevens is about to, and its likely that Ginsburg will step down before Obama leaves office, it appears only Breyer will need to be impeached for judicial stupidity and ignorance of basic chemistry. Of course, all of the justices and any federal judge appointed by non-citizen Obama need to be replaced as well since the Constitution of the United States does not allow illegal aliens, even if they reside in the big white house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, to sign legislation into law or appoint judges to the federal courts.
Obama’s remarks on the oil spill on May 15 were easy to predict since he did a test run of the speech at the Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh earlier in the week. When Obama tied the BP oil spill to Cap & Trade, his words sealed the deal. “I will make the case for clean energy whenever I can,” he said, “and I will work with anyone to get this done. And we will get it done.”
Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who joined the Obama Administration advocating for a system in which all government funds used on government building projects should be required to hired only minority workers even if they were not qualified for the projects, called for the US government to seize BP. In an op ed piece, Reich, now a University of California at Berkeley professor, said: “It’s time for the federal government to put BP under temporary receivership, which gives the government authority to take over BP’s operations in the Gulf of Mexico until the gusher is stopped.” Perhaps Obama should appoint Hugo Chavez as temporary CEO of BP while he’s at it since Chavez is one of the world’s experts on seizing oil companies.
Reich, Obama and Emanuel may not realize this since none of them have likely ever read the Constitution, butthere is absolutely nothing in the founding document of the United States that gives any President the power to temporarily declare martial law over one or more corporations and actually seize the operating control of that business entity because the president or his men think they can run it better than the duly elected corporate management of that corporation. Nor, by the way, does a US president have the authority to fire the head of any private company, large or small, in the United States.
© 2010 Jon C. Ryter – All Rights Reserved

Jon Christian Ryter is the pseudonym of a former newspaper reporter with the Parkersburg, WV Sentinel. He authored a syndicated newspaper column, Answers From The Bible, from the mid-1970s until 1985. Answers From The Bible was read weekly in many suburban markets in the United States.
Today, Jon is an advertising executive with the Washington Times. His website, www.jonchristianryter.comhas helped him establish a network of mid-to senior-level Washington insiders who now provide him with a steady stream of material for use both in his books and in the investigative reports that are found on his website.

>Who Cares Whose Katrina The Oil Spill Is? Get It Cleaned Up


Following is op Ed writer Anne Applebaum’s anemic effort at explaining the oil disaster in the Gulf. She is as incompetent as Obama when it comes to oil. Neither should venture to within 90 million miles of this problem. I commented below, suggesting that we need a new agreement with all prospective and current drillers in the Gulf – basically, that they agree to jointly and severally be responsible for stopping the leak and all cleanup. Why bankrupt just one party when you can spread the risk. I spent a lifetime at this insurance concept, spreading the risk, so I should know. One item I didn’t comment on. We need better inspections from the government and mandatory capped relief wells or pipes which we can use when disasters like these occur, because they will occur. Though this is the first in as long as anyone can recall and we have 35,000 such wells.

dusanotes wrote:
Applebaum isn’t qualified to even comment on this subject. Few are. That is because of the tight lid of secrecy Obama has clamped down on his people. Obama is the president. He has more power than any man on earth. If he can’t jump in on day one with the very things Mitt Romney said a president should do, then he is a sorry president. Someone else should be leading this country. It is not an unstoppable disaster. Here’s what should happen.
1. Continue to drill offshore.
2. But exact a promise to help pay for every such disaster, no matter if it’s your rig or pipe or not. In other words, we need a vast reinsurance network among all oil companies operating offshore – that they will jump in on any disaster to help clean it up and pay for everything. This shouldn’t all be on BP.
3. If there is a loss, all oil companies signing this agreement must help pay for all losses, just as we do with hurricane cat reinsurance. Obama doesn’t need to stop us from drilling. This agreement will self-regulate such drilling.Don White
6/15/2010 8:20:18 AM

The oil spill isn’t Obama’s Katrina

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In the Gulf of Mexico, plumes of black oil are gushing into the ocean, coating the wings of seabirds, poisoning shellfish, sending tar balls rolling onto white Florida beaches. It is an ecological disaster. It is a economic nightmare. And there is absolutely nothing that the American president can do about it. Nothing at all.

Here is the hard truth: The U.S. government does not possess a secret method for capping oil leaks. Even the combined wisdom of the Obama inner circle — all of those Harvard economists, silver-tongued spin doctors and hardened politicos — cannot prevent tens of thousands of tons of oil from pouring out of hole a mile beneath the ocean surface. Other than proximity to the Louisiana coast, this catastrophe has nothing in common with Hurricane Katrina: That was an unstoppable natural disaster that turned into a human tragedy because of an inadequate government response. This is just an unstoppable disaster, period. It will be a human tragedy precisely because no government response is possible.
Which leads me to a mystery: Given that he cannot stop the oil from flowing, why has President Obama decided to act as if he can? And given that he is totally reliant on BP to save the fish and the birds of the Gulf of Mexico, why has he started pretending otherwise — why is he, in his own words, looking for someone’s “ass to kick”? I suspect that there are many reasons for this recent change of rhetorical tone and that some of them are ideological. This is, of course, a president who believes that government can and should be able to solve all problems. Obama has never sounded particularly enthusiastic about the private sector either, and some of his congressional colleagues — the ones talking of retroactively raising the cap on BP’s liability, for example, or forcing BP to pay for the lost wages of other oil companies’ workers — are downright hostile.

A large part of the explanation, however, is cultural: Obama has been forced to take a commanding role in a crisis he cannot control because we expect him to — both “we” the media and “we” the bipartisan public. Whatever their politics, most Americans in recent years have come to expect a strong response — an invasion, massive legislation — from their politicians in times of crisis, and this one is no exception. We want the president to lead — somewhere, anywhere. A few days ago, the New York Times declaredthat “he and his administration need to do a lot more to show they are on top of this mess” and should have started “putting the heat” on BP much earlier — as if that would have made the remotest bit of difference.
But Mitt Romney, who last I checked is right of center, sounded almost exactly the same note: Obama, he said, should be “leading this entire effort to bring together the experts, the various oil company executives, the engineers from various oil companies as well as from the various academic think tanks.” This comment reminds me of the time the European Union solemnly decided to form a committee to fight unemployment, as if that were an actual solution. I also love the idea that all of those offshore oil engineers twiddling their thumbs at think tanks — the Heritage Foundation? the Brookings Institution? — are only waiting for the president’s phone call to spring into action.
In truth, the organization most likely to have the phone numbers of the “experts” is BP. The organization that will get them to Louisiana fastest is BP. I am writing this not because I like, admire or even have an opinion about the company formerly known as British Petroleum but because BP’s shareholders have already lost billions of dollars and BP’s executives are motivated to find solutions faster than anyone in the White House ever could. Bashing BP or seeking to punish BP is pointless. This is not only because we will soon learn that many companies — American, Japanese, even Halliburton — were responsible for that rig but also because whatever the solution, BP has to be part of it.
Paradoxically, “talking tough” about this oil crisis also makes both Obama and America look weak internationally — just as “talking tough” about Iran made the Bush administration look weak. Harsh rhetoric is fine if it reflects a real will to do something, a real plan of action and the existence of a Plan B, for when the first one fails. But when angry words — anti-BP, anti-British, anti-oil company — reflect the absence of any alternative policy whatsoever, they sound pathetic. It’s right for Obama to be concerned about the consequences of this disaster, but wrong — and dangerous — for him to pretend he is capable of controlling it. We should stop calling on him to do so.

>Change.Org: A Front For Marxist Obama


Change.Org Is A Front For Socialist Obama

Get real. is a front for the Obama people who probably had something to do with the explosion at that oil well in the Gulf.

If not, why was Obama so slow in even going there are doing anything – like ordering the Coast Guard and other military to help sop up the spill. 

It has been said that Obama didn’t even follow the emergency law on the issue. That is, right after an explosion – and they’re rare – the government is supposed to put one of it’s burn-off domes over the site and burn off the oil residue, not wait ten days until it becomes a threat to Gulf states which it now is. You know what? The FEDS don’t even have in stock these domes. A lot of help they are. Next time they tell you to prepare for disaster, tell them to practice what they preach.
I say, Blame Obama for the entire event. It is a man-made event in my mind. And it was made manifoldly more serious because of Obama’s lack of experience in handling a disaster of any kind. Bobby Jindal, governor of Lousianna, is trying to respond. He’s in it because the FEDs have done almost nothing to stem the oil and take care of the problem. Now is not the time to stop drilling. We need every barrel of oil we get from offshore. It is part of the Obama plan to have seven-dollar a gallon oil before the year is out, however. 
What is criminal is that Obama’s group of socialist-communist thugs aren’t even going to investigate the real cause of the explosion. That’s outrageous. Conservatives in Congress should call for an investigation.  Especially when your group of Obama sycophants now want to cry no more drilling off shore – or anywhere perhaps.
He created this emergency – which inadvertently caused the deaths of those people (accidentally in that situation) so that he can lobby the America people for what he has always believed in – no off-shore drilling. He wants to “level the playing field” and make our electricity and other utility bills go “unnecessarily higher” and I doubt he even wants on land drilling. Otherwise, why not drill or mine in known on-land sites like ANWAR, the Utah Colorado area where oil shale is abundant or North Dakota – Montana area which has the largest known deposit of oil in the world. Give me a break, I’m not going to front for you guys. is illegitimate, unpatriotic, and anti-American on the face.

Don White
Windermere, FL

— On Thu, 5/6/10, Action Alert  wrote:

From: Action Alert 
Subject: Tell Obama: No More Oil Drilling Off Our Coasts
Date: Thursday, May 6, 2010, 9:08 AM
Sign the Pledge
Dear Don,
Last week’s oil drilling disaster off the Louisiana coast is expected to become one of the largest oil disasters in North American history.
Our hearts go out to the eleven families who lost their loved ones in the oil-rig explosion.
This is a tragedy, this is avoidable and this needs to stop — oil is dirty, dangerous, and deadly.
It’s been discovered that the well is spewing five times as much oil into the ocean as originally estimated, 210,000 gallons of oil each day — and no end is in sight.
Although President Obama is committing resources toward addressing the immediate cleanup and recovery needs of Gulf Coast residents, businesses, wildlife, and marine life, we know the damage can’t be contained completely.
We will see the communities of the Gulf Coast affected with the anticipated damages for years to come. Instead of risking our lives, our coasts, our clean air, and our security by perpetuating our addiction to oil, let’s build a clean energy economy that means more jobs, less pollution, and real energy independence.
It’s time to put an end to this today.
– The Team in partnership with the Sierra Club