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>Why Do Liberal Judges Forget The Constitution?


By Don White

John Kaile

“For the second time in two years, the United States Supreme Court has upheld the right of Americans to own guns. And for the second time the ruling was 5 – 4, when it should have been 9 – 0. OK, maybe 8 – 1 (Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a lost cause). The ruling in the case of McDonald vs. Chicago has clearly revealed why liberal judges should never be allowed to sit on the bench.” 

Don White’s take on this is that when they swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States:

  •  They had two fingers crossed behind them. They knew they would not keep the Constitutional provision that allows Americans to keep and hold guns – the Second Amendment. They are out-and-out liars.
  • They are softies. For some reason they equate killing by maniacs and criminals using guns as something they can stop from behind the bench.
  • They don’t know that guns don’t kill, people do.
  • They believe all is well in the world and that Americans will never have to defend their country from an invading force, such as al-Qaeda, Mexican drug gangs, our own criminals, or from those wanting to take away our other freedoms.
  • They don’t own a gun and don’t want others to own guns, either.
  • Their dads never took them hunting, never taught them gun safety and the purpose of guns.
  • They didn’t serve in the military.
  • They lied and cheated to get their law degrees, so they don’t understand the Constitution.
I could say all or any of these are reasons for men in black robes being hard on gun owners. But in reality they belong to a cult – a group of liberals who have decided it would be better for Americans to let government take care of them. So why let American patriots have guns? They don’t believe we’ll ever have to defend this country again. And they certainly don’t believe in history, our history of using small guns and rifles to defeat the greatest army and navy in the world, Great Britain, and obtain our freedom, liberty and our basic human rights. 

I don’t know, you tell me. 

>Guns Approved By Supreme Court 5-4


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