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>The Arrogance of Obama: Pay The Unions and Stiff The Troops


Billions for Unions – Not a Penny for the Troops

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The Pentagon has announced that paychecks for the military will not be cut during a government shutdown. 

The military is actively engaged in three wars, the last of which Obama started himself. It is beyond belief that Obama now plans not to pay the military during a government shutdown especially while troops are active in the field. 

Is this the true Obama agenda? Is this the Democrat agenda? Billions for union pensions but not a penny for the troops? Courting demoralization and defeat in the field? 

Yes, we get it that after government resumes, the pay will be made whole. But much of the military has young families that live from paycheck to paycheck. And even without that factor, stopping pay is a breach of the implicit contract between our troops and the American public. 

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