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>Vote To Retain Our Freedom


Dear All,  I don’t ask you to sign many things, but this is a vital one.  And it must be done by the 15th (I just received it.)  Part of our new President wanting to know what the 10 top issues are uppermost in the minds of the public.  So far this one has reached # 9 on the list.  We must keep it in the top 10 to be considered.  Don’t dilute it by voting for other issues.  If we don’t have the right to decide our own health, we have lost everything.  We can tackle other issues later.  This is critical.  If you have more than one Email address, you can forward this to yourself and vote from each one.  Please forward to others.  Mom, Gram, Joan
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Health Freedom Needs Your Vote!!!
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Health Freedom advocates have gotten Health Freedom into the top ten issues on, going “toe-to-toe” with other “hot button” social issues. The top
issues will be presented to the new President on Inauguration Day and also at
the National Press Club.

Please consider going to and voting for this issue, after all, Health Freedom is Our First Freedom, without it,
how can we exercise our other rights? We have until 5 PM ESt on 01/15 to

For voting instructions, go to the following link:

Health Freedom – CLICK HERE TO VOTE