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>What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!

I present the following by Stephen Stromberg, Clinton and Obama sychophant, just to show how easy it is to get sidetracked by excellent writing skills. Yes, Stromberg is a great writer–one of the best I’ve encountered on political pages. But when you read this you must remember that this is the lib who praised Robert Reich, labor secretary for Clinton and general loud-mouth spokesman for all liberality.

Yes, in insidious and perverse ways this writer Stromberg can contort and twist the truth to his way of thinking. Be careful not to get sucked into his climate-change ideas, to the idea that to say we can’t drill for oil is actually good.

Stromberg says it: “The president has tried to inoculate himself against criticism for high gas prices. I’ve got news for both Obama and Stromberg. Americans are smarter than that. His rhetoric is not working. Rising gas prices are partially a direct result of gas policy in the world, but basic fundamentals apply, supply and demand, dummy? We have less gas and oil, our prices rise.

I believe the Democrats have successfully organized hundreds of Strombergs to write articles and Op Eds for the liberal press, to wit NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, etc. They are supposed to soften up the illerate right wing, to convert us over to their progressive thought patterns. Don’t be sucked in. Refuse to believe that having no oil for our cars is a good idea. That our idea of “drill, Baby, drill” is dump rhetoric that has no meaning today and that Brazil does. Hey, that rimes.

We “gave” Brazil two to ten billions of dollars to drill in the Gulf of Mexico when Obama is tying the hands of oil men in America, refusing in many, many cases to allow them to drill. It is such bad policy that it will come back to bite him in the 2012 elections despite the organized efforts of the likes of Stromberg and other of Obama’s minions.

By the way, Obama’s speech was a definite failure. he didn’t convince one single driver that gas prices were up due to things beyond his control. Good presidents keep constituents in mind…always. Don White

President Obama wants to reduce oil imports by a third in ten years

In what a senior aide has promised will be a “concerted” transition to a new energy initiative, President Obama Wednesday will declare that he wants to reduce America’s oil imports by a third in ten years.
The political context is obvious: The president has long sought to inoculate himself from criticism over rising gas prices. Last year Obama announced that he would allow oil and natural gas exploration in untouched areas of the outer continental shelf. Then the Deepwater Horizon rig blew up in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama reversed his decision, closing off some areas he had been poised to open. And his Interior Department has since moved cautiously in permitting new drilling in the gulf. So now that gas prices are up,Republicans are mercilessly attacking the president. No doubt exactly what the White House thought it would avoid as it developed its original offshore drilling plan.
And the policy? High gas prices, of course, aren’t Obama’s fault — as if a few drilling leases would make a noticeable difference in the massive world oil market. But a new focus on oil imports can lead to funny energy policy. Reducing carbon emissions — which directly addresses climate change, the great environmental threat of our time, and should also discourage oil consumption — is a lot more important than simply reducing foreign oil dependence — which leads policymakers to do things such as over-subsidizing corn ethanol, with dubious environmental benefits.
We’ll see how the president manages these priorities in his speech, but I’m hoping to hear a lot more about some of the promising policies for greening the electricity sector he proposed in his State of the Union Address.
By Stephen Stromberg  |  06:05 AM ET, 03/30/2011