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>With U.S., It’s Always Been About The Oil

>Note: The AP story will remain below in Times New Roman type, while my comments will be in Areal typeface bold.

Nigeria — The Obama government doesn’t give a hoot about violence, corruption, and starving people in Nigeria. It’s all about maintaining the oil production which makes Nigeria America’s fifth largest supplier. That’s my assessment following Sectrtary Clinton’s visit and AP coverage below.

Notice the words of the report coming out of Nigeria on Secretary State Hillary Clinton’s recent visit. Let’s dissect it together. The Title of the AP story was “Clinton Presses Nigeria on Graft.” This is so hypocritical. What about America’s graft, which is far worse in many ways than that going on in Nigeria? Just one mention of the “Chicago Way” to conservative and moderate Americans suggests crime, criminal intent, graft, raping the country of assets, riotous living and spending of taxpayer money to special interest groups under the guise of ending a recession, and lack of concern for the common folks, especially seniors in the Obama rationed health care plan.

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ABUJA, Nigeria – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday urged oil-rich Nigeria to embrace broad political reform and ease tensions that have led to sectarian violence and disrupted energy production in the Niger Delta.

Speak about embracing political reform all you want, but Obama has brought with him one of the most unholy, ruthless, lawless organizations of any administration. I’m speaking of ACORN, Americore, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, and a whole host of associations that President Obama, himself, has with the crime world, The Weather Underworld, with known terrorists like Bernadine Dohrne and her lying, infamous husband Bill Ayres. Outraged by the Vietnam War and racism in America, the organization waged a low-level war against the U.S. government through much of the 1970s, bombing the Capitol building, breaking Timothy Leary out of prison, and evading one of the largest FBI manhunts in history.”

Obama started his campaign in the Chicago home of Ayres and his wife Dohrn. To libs that means nothing. To the rest of us, it is a seminal signal telling us that the lies and the voilence and the underhandedness will continue under Obama if he is elected. Well, he was elected, and now he has become most arrogant.

The convicted felon Tony Rezko association, leading to Obama purchasing a house and a lot for considerably less than the gangsta himself whose house was right next door and of similar proportions.

But this wasn’t supposed to have been a tirade against Obama, but a tutorial about how wicked and evil are his ways.

Since Obama came to power there have been great tensions in this country, primarily over outlandish spending of our money. Just what Obama had said he hoped would not occur, has occurred becaue of his socialistic, statist policies which liberty-loving Americans abhor. Broad political reform hasn’t come about. We were promised “transparency” and in its place we get secrecy and deceit. We were promised the end of a war, and in its place we get an escalation of the fighting. We were promised (not by word necessarily, but by demeanor) a moderate government. In it’s place we have a devilish desire for our money — higher taxes, confiscatory policies, the end of private health care, discrimination against the elderly in health care. Preferential treatment for non-citizens, the 10,000 illegal aliens who are getting free Obama Care but who should be shipped home to Mexico.

In the Nigerian capital of Abuja on the fifth stop in a seven-nation tour Africa, Clinton said that action on those fronts was needed to protect the country’s status as the continent’s largest oil producer and largest recipient of direct U.S. investment.

“It is critical for the people of Nigeria, first and foremost, but indeed for the United States that Nigeria succeeds in fulfilling its promise,” Clinton told a news conference after meeting Nigerian Foreign Minister Ojo Maduekwe.

“We strongly support and encourage the government of Nigeria’s efforts to increase transparency, reduce corruption (and) provide support for democratic processes in preparation for the 2011 elections,” she said.

Instead of “support for democratic processes”, in America we get ACORN, which is funded out of taxpayer money but which gives virtually all of its money and support to left liberals. They corrupted the last elections and there are many lawsuits now in various states for ACORN’s unlawful acts of suborning perjury and other crimes by paying their operatives ten dollars each time they registered to vote. Some black guy on TV said he had registered fifteen times illegally. Why? Because ACORN paid by the number of registerations. I hope all of them end up in jail. And yet Hillary is out there whipping up some kind of sanctimoneous ferver for Nigeria to fix their voting process? Who is calling the kettle black? Then there’s the illegal donations Obama received under phoney names, Mickey Mouse, Ann Rand, etc. We could go on and on. The U.S. voting appratus is smashed. Then our president gives the census job to this illegal, fraudulent operation called ACORN. Where’s his own honesty? He has none. He’s a fraud and all Americans know it.

U.S. officials regard Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, as a bellwether for the continent’s success and have expressed deep concern about the coup-prone country’s political situation, especially after 2007 elections that were marred by fraud.

This writer could be talking about America. Mr. Obama, don’t continue down this tawdry road until every American walks off the job and millions of people start demonstrating in the streets as the people did in Iran.

Maduekwe said there was a “national consensus on issues of enhanced democracy, a deep commitment to rule of law and electoral reforms” and pledged that President Umaru Yar’Adua‘s government would deliver on reform.

Nigeria is the fifth largest supplier of oil to the United States and U.S. officials are also troubled by unrest and kidnappings in the Niger Delta, where indigenous groups have complained vehemently about exploitation of oil reserves by foreign petroleum companies.

Violence in the region has led to cuts in production that in June led to Angola surpassing Nigeria in monthly oil production.

>World News Make You Shaky?

>Top News Stories
Everyone wonders what Obama had to give up to free the journalists. Americans no longer trust their own administration. They believe Obama must have given Kim Jung Il something of importance, lest he wouldn’t have so eagerly released the journalists. Some say it is just positive media play — the fact that a former U.S. president flew to North Korea and figuratively got on his knees before the “ill” emperor of this third-rate monarchy. We’ll likely never know because, contrary to what Obama told us during the campaign, this is not a transparent administration. They have more secrets than the Bushies, and their attitude is worse. At least President Bush acted with a little contrition and sincerety. Lately, have you noticed how arragant Obama has become? You would be arragant too if your tail was on fire, your popularity was dropping like coconuts, and you weren’t likely to pass the biggest piece of legislation of a century, Democrat health care. It’s about to go down in ashes like Hillary Care.

Now we’ve got another intrigue and wonder how Barak will handle this one. Do you think Bill has any credibility with Mamoud Ahmadinejad? I’ll tell you who Obama should send this time. Send that Communist Van Jones, head of the “Green Team.” He’s a Czar and can talk to a fellow marxist, which I really think this Mahmoud is. That’s why he cozies up with Putin and Medvedev. Hey, better still. Send Putin. he would love to be our go-between. Since America has no diplomatic ties with Iran, we send all our birthday cards through the Swiss Embassy. Change all that now! Tell the Russians that from now on they can handle Iran for us. I’ll bet those Americans, spies or not, are back in the U.S. pronto.

  • Iran: Spy charges considered against 3 Americans (source: Seattle Post Intelligencer)
    Wed, 05 Aug 2009 01:21 GMT
    TEHRAN, Iran — Iran has arrested three Americans for illegally entering the country from neighboring Iraq and a prominent Iranian lawmaker said Tuesday that authorities were investigating whether to charge them with spying. (source: Seattle Post Intelligencer)RSS news feeds and Widgets on
  • Ahmadinejad sworn in as Iran’s president: radio (source: Reuters)
    Wed, 05 Aug 2009 01:36:44 -0400
  • How does that make you feel, you Iranian demonstrators? A guy who lost the election is declared the winner in Iran. Is your country really free? I guess that’s accademic, isn’t it? You Iranians have only as much freedom as the Muhlas want to confer, which aint very much these days. Talk about a repressive regime, Iran takes the cake. And what are we doing about stopping their drive toward getting a nuke? Nothing. Obama is an ineffective international leader, let alone American president. He hasn’t mounted any support for poor Israel in stopping Mahmoud’s drive toward getting the nuke that will surely knock out our best ally in the world, Israel. In fact, Obama isn’t giving Israel much thought these days. He’s too much concerned with his own school-boy-like popularity to think about such small potatoes as Iran versus Israel.
    TEHRAN (Reuters) – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was sworn in as Iran’s president Wednesday, state radio reported, after a disputed re-election that has exposed a deep schism in the Islamic Republic’s clerical establishment. (source: Reuters)RSS and News widget on

What a great idea Attorney General Eric Holder has come up with. He should have had this job fifty years ago when we were seeing Communists behind every bush. He’s so great, he will let all the prisoners go and save America $50 billion. Imagine that. Now there’s a man to elevate, Mr. President. He should take Hillary’s job when she faints of exaustion. She’s looking kind of frail these days, ever since Bill took over the Secretary of State job by going to North Korea in such a brave way. What a man. Who needs Hillary? Besides, Barak, this would be a great time to get rid of her. She wants to run for president in 2012, or didn’t you know? Yes, she’s really an enemy of yours. You’d better start planting stories in your progressive media about her. She’s unfit to be Secretary. Bring on Eric. He would make “friends” will all our enemies and we could totally disarm, imagine that.

Now here’s one for you, Mr. President and Eric Holder. Do you comute the sentence of Mob boss John Gotti and do you let him go free? He’s really such a nice guy, after all, isn’t he? Didn’t he grow up in Chicago? I think so. He’s part of the Chicago gang in the White House. I would think it only fitting for you, Prez, to give him another of your “get-out-of-jail-free” cards and let him roam about in the White House with you and Michelle. He’s part of the family, is he not? It’s so expensive keeping Gotti in jail. Actually, he’s worth much more out of jail than in jail. The cost of keeping him locked up isn’t, what’s that word, “sustainable”, is it?

>What Is Hillary: Some Kind of Dictator?

>Washington — If Democrats can’t get Gay Marriage, they will go around the issue and give Gay’s the rights in the various national agencies such as the State Department without the legislation or favorable court ruling.

To this, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is guilty. She would rather say she is merely seeing a recruiting need and filling it like a good employer. The problem is, she is skirting the law, just as her sexually adventureous husband President Bill Clinton did when he couldn’t get Republican support to name a certain gay man as an ambassador. Clinton figured he was such a sneak sexually that he could easily pull this one off. He merely waited until the closing of the Congressional session for summer vacation and then he named the guy ambassador without approval. This ambassador acted in his position without the backing of Congress, but I guess with the Clintons, it doesn’t matter.

This is the way Hillary Clinton acts as well. If you grill her on it, she will simply say, “It was the right thing to do.” That? — with the tremendous national controversy circling the gay issue? She figured it was working a hardship on a gay lover who, when the Gay was ordered home and his air fare paid for by you and I, his “wife” should receive the same benefit becaue if he stayed he would be in harms way. If he stayed he would be more stupid than a member of an ambassador’s household should be.

Laws and protocol don’t mean much to people like Bill and Hillary. They skirt them all the time with impunity.

Mrs. Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, appointed the nation’s first openly gay ambassador, James C. Hormel, to serve in Luxembourg. Opposition by Republican senators blocked a vote on the appointment, leading Mr. Clinton to appoint him eventually during a Congressional recess in 1999.

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>Washington — A Strange World of Cliche

>By Don White
I have written about an AP article describing Hillary Clinton’s appearance before a congressional hearing. The more I looked at the result, the more this became an article full of clichés – mine, Hillary Clinton’s and the AP writer’s — and common phrases, which I have highlighted in red for your edification.

I hope the color isn’t distracting from the message. It’s about Clinton describing what she intends to do to save the world. While re-reading I discovered the article was full of those nasty clichés and one-liners and the commonly-used and smart-sounding phrases of a nominee trying to impress a dour and witless Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

After proofreading, I found Hillary wasn’t the only offender. I had also cracked off a few blunderous clichés that, if I were writing merely to assail the Democrats, I would have removed. I leave them for emphasis – to say everyone thinks and talks in thee crazy little sayings, so why not me? Perhaps everyone except Abraham Lincoln and …Barak Obama?

Can we take a leap of faith and buy into Secretary of State-designate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ability to bring positive results with her “smart power” strategy in the Middle East? If so, she may accomplish with absolutely no foreign policy field experience where distinguished and experienced leaders have failed miserably.

We can only hope that she is an anomaly and possesses the ability to quickly master what must be done in a terribly difficult assignment, given the parameters which America’s new president will thrust upon her.

Quick study or not, the many difficult Middle-East imbroglios Clinton will encounter seem all the more insoluble as the years fly by. We must hope she is not only well advised and “smart” as she goes about her work, but resilient. Her marathon campaign for the presidency proved she is tough. But Barak Obama outsmarted her at every turn, but at State it will be her ability to work out difficult outflanking maneuvers together with other Western countries to: contain Iran’s nuclear abilities; bring peace to Israel; destroy the Hamas; keep the oil flowing this year from a recalcitrant Russia; tame Vladimir Putin of his revanchist tendencies; unsnarl the Israeli-Palestinian mess; untangle the constant warring, mistrust, and enmity between two nuclear powers, India and Pakistan; stop terrorism; and clear away some of the political clutter left by both Bush and husband Bill.

Something bothering me is her use of generalities, when massive problems require specifics. What exactly does she mean by smart power strategy, or is it another term like “Obama change about which we’re not supposed to discover fully the meaning until it happens?” Isn’t advertising lingo, smart power conduct, precisely what all her predecessors intended?

It is intentionally broad – just like most of the “change” initiatives Obama promises — leaving a clever Obama wiggle room to claim some political capitol without sharing in the failures that surely must come during Hillary’s service. Again, exactly what is meant by smart power strategy? When does America bomb, when does it negotiate?
Turns out, Bush had some of that right in his refusal to help Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert bomb Iran’s nuclear enrichment plant.
The term “smart power strategy” is so broad that it could have been used any time in the last 70 years; so, basically, while it sounds good it means nothing.

One must hope Clinton is a quick study and that she will leap barriers former secretaries of state have been unable to master, especially considering that they had experience when she trots to the starting gate as an untested filly.

She offers no specific or new peace proposals, it’s OJT for both of them, but speaks confidently of President-elect Barack Obama‘s intentions to “renew” American leadership in the world and to strengthen U.S. diplomacy. One must wonder how Obama can lead differently without giving in to every proposal that would delimit Israel and America and make our country look weaker rather than stronger?

In view of Hillary’s desire to appear the new expert on the block, she comes off without anything new to add. Can you read into the following comment a ridiculous feeling that she has about how tough the job will be because Bill didn’t accomplish the task, but that she just has nothing except will power to offer?

“As intractable as the Middle East’s problems may seem and many presidents, including my husband, have spent years trying to help work out a resolution, we cannot give up on peace,” she told her confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “The President-elect and I understand and are deeply sympathetic to Israel’s desire to defend itself under the current conditions, and to be free of shelling by Hamas rockets.”

“However, we have also been reminded of the tragic humanitarian costs of conflict in the Middle East, and pained by the suffering of Palestinian and Israeli civilians,” she said. “This must only increase our determination to seek a just and lasting peace agreement that brings real security to Israel; normal and positive relations with its neighbors; and independence, economic progress, and security to the Palestinians in their own state.”

The panel’s ranking Republican, Sen. Richard Lugar, praised Clinton, calling her “the epitome of a big leaguer” who is fully qualified for the job and whose presence at the State Department could open new opportunities for American diplomacy, including the possibility of improving the United States’ image in the world.

But Lugar also raised questions about the issue of former President Bill Clinton‘s fundraising work and its relation to her wife’s new post. Lugar said that the only way for Clinton to avoid a potential conflict of interest due to her husband’s charity is to forswear any new foreign contributions. The Indiana senator said the situation poses a “unique complication” that requires “great care and transparency.”
“The Clinton Foundation exists as a temptation for any foreign entity or government that believes it could curry favor through a donation,” he said. “It also sets up potential perception problems with any action taken by the secretary of state in relation to foreign givers or their countries.”

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., the new chairman of the committee, pressed Clinton on whether Obama sees a nuclear-armed Iran as unacceptable at any cost, or merely undesirable.

Clinton responded: “The president-elect has said repeatedly it is unacceptable. It is going to be United States policy to pursue diplomacy — with all of its (tools) — to do everything we can to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear weapon state. As I also said, no option is off the table.”

She said the new administration would pursue a broader approach to the problem of Islamic extremism in Afghanistan and Pakistan. What does that mean?

“We must also actively pursue a strategy of smart power in the Middle East that addresses the security needs of Israel and the legitimate political and economic aspirations of the Palestinians; that effectively challenges Iran to end its nuclear weapons program and sponsorship of terror, and persuades both Iran and Syria to abandon their dangerous behavior and become constructive regional actors; that strengthens our relationships with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, other Arab states, with Turkey, and with our partners in the Gulf to involve them in securing a lasting peace in the region. “

Clinton also promised to push for stronger U.S. alliances around the globe.

“America cannot solve the most pressing problems on our own,” Clinton said, “and the world cannot solve them without America.”
She credited Secretary of Defense Robert Gates with stimulating debate about the role of diplomacy and other civilian institutions’ role in fighting the global war on terror, endorsing his call for providing the State Department with more resources and a bigger budget.
She assured the committee that if confirmed, the State Department “will be firing on all cylinders” — applying pressure when needed and looking for opportunities to advancing U.S. interests.

Today’s security threats cannot be addressed in isolation,” Clinton said. “Smart power requires reaching out to both friends and adversaries” – oh, now I get it. Like entering into discussions with terrorist-friendly Iran and Cuba? – “to bolster old alliances and to forge new ones. That means strengthening the alliances that have stood the test of time — especially with our NATO partners and our allies in Asia.”
This is like a political talk, a lot of clichés or buzzwords Clinton did not use like issues and challenges, faith-based, going forward, perfect storm, at the end of the day, proactive, input, prioritize, buzz, time will tell, bottom line, declined comment, we’re not inviting people to tea parties here, we’re asking questions… they didn’t ‘decline comment, they would not comment, closure, double talk, near misses, and double entendres.

There were more clichés in the AP article than in Clinton’s remarks. I’ll color them red for you:
The AP said Clinton spoke in a clear, unhurried voice and looked at ease as she read a long introductory statement. She sat alone at a small, black-draped desk, with daughter Chelsea and a retinue of advisers behind her. Her husband was not present. Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said the former president was watching the hearing elsewhere with his wife’s mother.

President Clinton wanted to make sure the attention was focused on Sen. Clinton,” Vietor said. “They will be together as a family later today.”

The Senate hearing room was packed with ambassadors, current and former diplomats, supporters and aides sitting cheek by jowl. Dozens of photographers ringed Clinton as she spoke.

Clinton appeared set to sail smoothly, aptly clothed in a world of cliché, toward confirmation, despite concerns among some lawmakers that the global fundraising of her husband could pose ethical conflicts for her as secretary of state.

>Late-Breaking Political News and Views


In a bid to combat the popularity of Sarah Palin and avoid an extended Republican lockdown on the White House, former president Bill Clinton is launching a strong support push for Barack Obama this week.

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will have their first joint presidential race campaign appearance in Florida less than a week before election day this Wednesday. Bill Clinton will also attend an Obama rally in Beckley at Word Memorial Park on Thursday.

Bill Clinton’s support for Obama is laudable considering that Obama shunned his wife, Hilary Clinton, from his presidential ticket and opted for Joe Biden as a running mate.

In celebration of the Clintons, this cluster features some of the most viral Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton posts.

Via: trendhunter

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>Vice President Isn’t Such A Bad Job Afterall

>If you’re convinced you are not presidential timber but would love to get your hands on a gavel, you’re right. Being president of America will take twenty years off your life, not to speak of the many sleepless nights wondering when someone’s going to take a potshot at you.

But vice president–that’s the job to aim for. Yes, there are those like Rudy and Fred who turned their noses up at it. But look at all those who will never get the nod from Obama and McCain–they would come out of their skins if O or Mac wagged an approving index finger at them. For proof, just look at Mitt and Hill. Mitt called Mac all kinds of names, even landed his favorite knockout punch right on Mac’s nose–said he hadn’t run anything.

Hill made O go to the matt with her–figuratively speaking, not actually of course–for eleven months, even though she knew all along she couldn’t win. It cost her. She’s in debt $25 million, but look at the pain she inflicted on the tall, skinny guy.

But now that Mitt’s out, he wants in–in the worst way. Have you noticed how he can’t find enough superlatives to say about his old nemesis? Neither can Hill say enough good about O.

Now Mitt, Hill and the other outsiders know the best job to go after is VP, not president. Surprised? I thought you might be. You probably bought into conventional wisdom–that being America’s vice president is some kind of punishment, a four-year prison sentence, a fate to be avoided at all costs.

That kind of thinking is wrongheaded and I’ll prove it. What job can you name where you get paid six figures with promise of a wonderful retirement, your own AirForce Two airliner, get to sit around all day doodling meaningless phrases and hopeful poetry and satire on a yellow scratch pad, and own your own gavel to make noises if certain senators get on your nerves? And best of all, often you are lobbied by both sides of the isle–sumptuous diners, trips, and help with your income taxes–in case you have to break a tie vote.

Then is when you become a true VIP. Don’t ever overlook the advantages that this offers you. You can accumulate enough of some else’s sky miles and other favors to the point senators would give you the moon–whatever you want.

Here’s more of the high side. Unless you go to war, like Bush and Cheney, you can’t be blamed for anything. Vice presidents are the most useless decoration pieces in the Capitol. They just sit and sit, and sit. If you have sleep apnea and can fake you’re awake, this is the job for you. Some of these guys get real good at it. They sit there with a stone-cold, wide-eyed stare as asleep as a bear in winter hibernation. If someone approached and touched their elbow it would tip them over like a tumbler in a china cabinet.

If you get tired sitting, you can finger an unsuspecting assistant to take your place until a crucial vote comes up, some young aspiring junior senator who just adores you, worships the seat you sit on.

Everyone knows your vulnerability, but they leave you alone. Senators are just good old boys and girls and deep down in all they want is one thing. To get reelected. The rest of what goes on is just window dressing for naive
constituents in the gallery who came to see some anger and fireworks, like a floor fight or filibuster.

VP’s do not fear being sent up the river.
All they do is clip bond coupons and look to the day when they can get out of this veritable fish bowl lesser men call prison.

When the president says jump they ask how high. The common garden variety VP rarely speaks in cabinet meetings. He’s too smart for that. He keeps his mouth shut to reporters and his ideas to himself,feeding the commander-in chief’s ego as much as possible.

Does the vice presidency change the man? Based on anecdotal evidence, just the opposite occurs. Most VP’s come in with an attitude. They’re all president wannabes, but they’re good at hiding feelings. But behind the scenes they’re full of mischief.

VP’s like Cheney cause wars and spend money on the military. He did it subtly, not claiming success, leaving all the good and bad press for the president. On the other hand, Gore let it be known he didn’t like his president–that he wanted to make a name for himself so he could follow Clinton after eight years.

Gore bidded his time on the podium looking stupid. But in reality his finely tuned mechanical brain was working like a clock, dreaming up global warming and his first Nobel Prize.

VP’s get magical ideas just sitting there. Some of the ideas hatched on the Senate podium are worth millions. Gore got this idea of global warming from his perch high above the Senate floor, where the air is rarified. It was so masterful and weird that people liked it. Even Clinton wished he could have thought of it first, but then, his attention was riveted elsewhere.

Here’s how Gore got the idea: Gore’s a big, heavy man who perspires a lot. He also liked to smoke a cigar while on the stand. No, really. I’ll bet you’re wondering how he got away with it. No one knew why he always kept his hand over his mouth like he was dumbfounded. Actually, he was concealing the cigar in his mouth. His ash tray was the cuff of his pants. One day it got so warm up there he fell asleep and when he abruptly awoke he was on fire. It was so warm, his subconscious told him global warming was going on when it was only pant warming.

The brain must be wired differently than most humans to hatch an idea like this that way. No one can argue that Al Gore is your garden variety man from Tennessee. But the point is this: he parlayed this idea into a Nobel prize and people around the globe almost worship this mere man for such prescience.

Albert Gore made a bundle of money off books and speeches. They should have a copyright law in the Senate–or at least an agreement like most corporations–if you hatch your eggs while on public salary working in a public building the ideas you think up and the doodles you make aren’t yours to keep.

Give back those millions you earned on the taxpayers’ largesse, Albert Gore.

Mitt, though, is the real conundrum. He wouldn’t like being VP. His head is too full and he is too enthusiastic and energetic to sit there for four years keeping everything within. It would be like prison to Mitt, and would rob him of four of the best years of his life.

Now, Hillary is a political horse of another color. She will always be Hillary–up to no good. Somehow I can see her smuggling Bill into these hallowed halls to once more desecrate U.S. terra firma. You don’t think she didn’t know he was playing around with Monica and the others? Oh, she had her escapades, too. It was all in the plan…



Don White Responds To Slate’s Buchanan Promo

Pat Buchanan is one thing, but what about our Republican candidate McCain?

He doesn’t mind throwing conservative Republican Mitt Romney under the bus regarding a timetable for Iraq—actually Mac lied to a national audience, misconstruing Romney’s position, and got away with it. This war hero smeared our best conservative hope, weakening him on security matters, probably causing him to lose Florida and to drop out of the primary race; and you ask why most Conservatives wonder how they can support this Arizona Maverick?

McCain cozies up very well with Democrats, including Obama, Kennedy, Feingold, Pelosi, and many more. He even considers himself good friends with Hillary Clinton. When the campaign for president starts in earnest voters will discover just how bad a candidate John McCain is. He’s a poor public speaker; his brain often fails him. Worst of all, this liberal Republican hasn’t seen a Demo he doesn’t love, though he touts this as a strength.

McCain has shown a reluctance to join Nouth Carolina’s Republican Party in criticizing Obama and his “running mate pastor” Jeramiah Wright over the “G…damned America” comments that Barak must have heard unless he’s afflicted with sleep apnea in church.

America’s war hero candidate would have us believe he doesn’t practice partisan politics, that he wouldn’t stoop to “throw mud,” but the Carolinian ad is not racial and it isn’t a minor issue. We should applaud the South Carolina Republicans for refocusing attention on Obama’s latent hate-America psychosis, a weakness that would not soon be forgotten if anyone but McCain were running.

It has certainly energized Hillary’s chances. She quietly took joy in the mileage she gained from this festering Obama psychosomatic ailment.

At a time when you have a consensus war hero on one hand and a Barak Hussain Obama, who has never served in the military on the other, what’s more germane? What’s more of an issue in this election than finding out who is pro-American and who is not?

In my opinion, this issue is so important, so basic and pertinent, that unless we elect a real American we can kiss the USA as we know it goodbye.

Candidate Obama has said, he will go out of his way to negotiate with the leaders of Cuba, Russia, China, Iran and the Hezbola. In doing so, like President Carter with our Arab enemies, he will grant them more legitimacy than most of these America haters deserve and will windup being used. If he is “successful,” it’s goodbye to Taiwan, South Korea, Columbia, and a host of other allies that could be eaten up in Barak’s close and reckless encounters with the enemy. Be careful, Barak, the Mexicans feel they got cheated out of California, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. The Russians want Alaska back and the Chinese are tooling up for World War III.

Slate should stop plugging Buchanan’s book–but of course they have to advertise to stay in business–and start writing stories that delve into why McCain won’t criticize his opposition. Commission Don White to write it. He knows why McCain is reluctant to criticize the enemy and will thoroughly research it like the professional newsman he is. He is an attorney and an astute thinker, a freelance writer with recent credits in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, Salt Lake Tribune, Arkansas Times, Meridian, Des Moines Register and many more.

Mr. White has a new book out about real estate, Selling Fast. He should write one about McCain called Selling Out Fast, Follow the Money.

Not a few Republicans believe McCain has no intention of becoming the next president. His heart isn’t in it. He’s an obstructionist-enemy-lover, always has been. His McCain Feingold bill isn’t any good and he’s discovering it by having to violate his own bill in this campaign. If these remarks seem off the wall, why then did he keep his seat in the senate when a true patriot would have found it an honor to retire from the senate to run for president? Lord knows he’s old enough and has a comfortable retirement coming.

Obama’s love affair with things illegal and UNAMERICAN is THE major story of the campaign, no matter what the Demos say. They always point blame at the Republicans, but why then–having controlled Congress for the last 17 months–have we yet to see a single energy bill?

Follow energy and you discover high gas prices, constricted commodity supply and runaway prices, and a host of other problems in America. Let’s be frank, Nancy Pelosi is a traitor, every conservative knows that. We’re at war with Iran, but she won’t even bring to a vote a very special military piece of legislation that could save American lives–the wiretapping bill. Her conduct regarding the Columbian free trade bill shows what a coward she is—all of it to advance her own agenda.

When will McCain speak up? He’s the putative spokesman of his party. Our country was prospering under Bush until the Demos came to power.

Don White

Do you believe Bush has done a good job or a rotten job?

The following is from Pat Buchanan: Let’s hear your concerns and thoughts:

As one looks at the polls, the issues and the candidates, the election of 2008 resembles what poker players call a “lay-down hand.”

Two-thirds of the nation believes the Iraq war a blunder. Sixty-nine percent disapproves of President Bush. Eighty-one percent thinks America is on the wrong course.

Inflation is at 4 percent and rising. Unemployment is 5 percent and rising. Gasoline, heating oil and food prices are soaring. The dollar has lost half its values against the euro. Homes are being foreclosed upon at Depression rates. The stock market is in a swoon. And 3.5 million manufacturing jobs have vanished under Bush.

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