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January 30, 2009 — 10:54 a.m. EST

Creating New Roots

Architect Kyu Sung Woo’s Vermont retreat blends architectural traditions of New England and Korea.

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How To Downsize Your House

Many people are looking to declutter their lives these days. But editing a lifetime’s worth of possessions can be difficult. Here are some tips.

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Builders Offer Rock-Bottom Rates

Beleaguered home builders are promoting interest rates well below the national average, with industry giant Lennar lowering the bar to 3.875%.

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Insurer Courts Coastal Homeowners

As large, mass-market insurance companies withdraw from coastal areas, a small, high-end insurer is pushing for the wealthy among these customers.

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John Edwards’s Former Home for Sale

Two years after John Edwards sold his Washington home for $5.2 million, its current owners are trying to sell it … actor Nicolas Cage has cut the price on a Los Angeles house … and more.

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Artist Views

Homes where a rising art scene is part of the landscape.

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Option ARMs See Rising Defaults

Defaults are rising for adjustable-rate mortgages, threatening to worsen problems for housing lenders.

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Capital Spending Continues to Fall

Durable goods orders slumped 2.6% in December for the fifth month in a row. Meanwhile, sales of new homes sank nearly 15%.

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Central Bank to Alter Mortgage Terms

The Fed moved to stem foreclosures by modifying mortgages tied to assets it acquired via bailouts.

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Home Prices, Sentiment Keep Sliding

U.S. home prices in the 20 areas tracked by S&P/Case-Shiller fell 18.2% in November from a year earlier. Consumer confidence hit a new low.