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>House Democrats Win Cap-and-Tax Energy Bill


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by Don White

Washington – It’s bad news for conservatives and those of us who do not want to see our taxes skyrocket and jobs go overseas. Cap and Trade, better known as Cap and Tax, was approved in the House Friday night by a narrow 219-212 vote. Democrats got just one vote more than they needed, but are patting themselves on the back today for the sneaky way they ramrodded this bill through the House, which represents the biggest tax hike in the history of America.

On Shawn Hannity last night former Clinton chief of staff Dick Morris opined that the vote was a set-up. House leadership under Nancy Pelosi knew they had the votes to win, but they also knew if certain “conservative” Democrats voted for Cap and Trade it would hurt them in the 2010 elections, so they told those representatives to sit this one out and not vote. Now these lawmakers will be able to facetiously say that they voted against the bill. That would include lawmakers in swing states There were 9 such representatives from Indiana as follows. For you convenience, we also include the names and contact details for that state’s two senators:
Member Name DC Phone DC FAX Electronic Correspondence
Senator Richard G. Lugar (R- IN) 202-224-4814 202-228-0360
Senator Evan Bayh (D- IN) 202-224-5623 202-228-1377
Representative Peter J. Visclosky (D – 01) 202-225-2461 202-225-2493
Representative Joe Donnelly (D – 02) 202-225-3915 202-225-6798
Representative Mark Souder (R – 03) 202-225-4436 202-225-3479
Representative Steve Buyer (R – 04) 202-225-5037 202-225-2267
Representative Dan Burton (R – 05) 202-225-2276 202-225-0016
Representative Mike Pence (R – 06) 202-225-3021 202-225-3382
Representative Andre Carson (D – 07) 202-225-4011 202-225-5633
Representative Brad Ellsworth (D – 08) 202-225-4636 202-225-3284
Representative Baron Hill (D – 09) 202-225-5315 202-226-6866
Nancy Pelosi, Barak Obama, and Al Gore were able to cut enough deals and twist enough arms to impose cap-and-tax.

Someone asked about the huge tax receipts that will come in because of this tax. But there will be very little because 85 percent of it is already committed to such liberal states as California and Massachussetts to help bail them out of their financial fiascos. In other words, the whole nation will be bailing out states that did not use financial constraint and that let their arms be twisted so that they would either vote for cap and trade or not vote at all.

This is the worst kind of partisan politics ever. You help us get a bill passed and we’ll help your state get some money. If you don’t vote for us you don’t get the money. Somehow, this writer just feels that kind of politics should be illegal — using taxpayer (user’s of utilities) money to swing sweetheart deals in congress. There must be a name for it but the best I can do is call it fraud. I hope we can prosecute those connected to this kind of “fraud.” At least we should throw the traitors out of office in 2010 and 2012.

In return for the favor of money going to these states, these state’s congressmen vote for the tax bill, including some republicans, unfortunately.

Pelosi, Obama, and Gore were able to cut enough deals and twist enough arms to impose cap-and-tax and help ruin each American homeowner’s bottom line forever. The cost of electricity is expected to double in states that rely on fosil fuels, and that’s most of the country.

Florida has approved another nuclear power plant, this time for Levy County, and energy companies like Progress Energy which supplies energy for 1.6 million homes in Central Florida had asked for and received a 30% rate increase to pay for it. Since the recession this has been leveled off to about half that number, however.

By the way, Did you see the price tag of socialized health care? $3.5 TRILLION over 10 yrs is the projected cost of the Democrats latest plan.

Where Republicans went wrong was overconfidence. This may have kept conservatives off the phone lines Friday. The Free Republic blog is indicative of the erroneous count thinking before the vote last night. Here’s what it said before the vote:

“The vote on the cap and trade energy bill is coming up in congress. It does not look like supporters have enough votes at this time to pass the bill. It seems that some Democrats are worried about the bill putting a huge tax burden on the country that could cripple the economy. That is my concern. I don’t feel that the cap and trade bill is the best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom wasn’t buying that, however, as late as Friday afternoon before the vote. This is what they said:

I am sad to say there are Republicans prepared to vote for higher energy rates as the government moves towards controlling a naturally occurring gas—carbon dioxide. The Republicans leaning towards voting for cap and trade are:Mary Bono Mack of California (and you know why)
Mike Castle of Delaware
Vernon Ehlers of Michigan
Mark Kirk of Illinois
Dave Reichert of Washington”…

These people need to lose their any Republican leadership roles in the House if they in fact vote for Pelosi and the Democrats bill to American energy disaster.”

In Orlando, Dan Spencer of had this to say about the skulduggery, hankey panky, deceit and outright dishonesty that was used by Obama’s democrats to get this bill passed. Spencer said they used dilatory tactics, “such as posting the “final” version of a 1,200 page bill the night before the vote, issuing a 300 page amendment to the 1,200 page bill after 3:00 a.m., and allowing only five hours of debate . . .”

Do you recall Obama’s statement about what this bill will do to homeowner’s electric bills? He said it will cause electricity rates to “necessarily skyrocket” and will bankrupt anyone who builds a coal-powered plant.

Spencer and all the rest of us are still wondering today “what is hidden in all those pages that no Representative really had a chance to read, let alone study, that made the Democrats so determined to avoid a real honest to goodness debate.”

And why at 3 a.m. Friday morning was there a 300-page amendment to the bill. What did that say?

All of us ought to flood the phone lines of those seven Republicans who did not vote against this bill. They could have defeated it, but chose not to vote so they could say they did no harm — and at the same time their states receive the “Obama bribery money.”

When is “right right and wrong wrong? When will men and women of good conscience stand up and be counted. I guess at least those 212 or so Republicans and Dems who voted against the bill can be counted as honest people.

The Dasterly Seven:
Phone & Fax for repubs NO VOTES Republicans Phone Fax BonoMack 202-225-5330 202-225-2961 Castle 202-225-2291 202-225-2291 McHugh 202-225-4611 202-226-0621 LoBiondo 202-225-6572 202-225-3318 Lance 202) 225-5361 202) 225-9460 Reichert 202) 225-7761 202) 225-4282 Smith 202) 225-3765 202) 225-7768