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  1. Bathroom Remodel
  2. New Windows
  3. Kitchen Remodel
  4. Energy Efficiency
  5. Build an Addition
  6. Maid Service
  7. Painting & Staining
  8. Heating Services
  9. Basement Remodel
10. Green Home Projects
11. Flooring
12. Multi-Room Remodel
13. Home Winterization
14. Handyman Services
15. Landscaping
16. Home Energy Audit
17. Roofing & Gutters
18. Siding
19. Electricians
20. Furnace Tune-up
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5-Course Maintenance: Your Home Holiday Meal

Here comes the craziness of the Holidays. It’ll be great to see the family, but you can’t forget your home. Home maintenance is key, especially before winter. You need to make sure that your roof is in good repair, that your windows seal tightly, and your furnace is running properly. Maybe even boost your insulation. To find out what’s best, here’s your Holiday To-Do List.

Easy Home Projects for the Holidays
• Maid Service • Plumbers
• Home Winterization • Handyman Services
• Interior Painting View All Projects

Holiday Home Improvement
A recent ServiceMagic poll of homeowners indicates that home improvement gift giving is on the rise. While power and hand tools top most lists, appliances and even a complete remodeling project are common and creative gifts. How about giving the gift of time this Christmas – get connected to prescreened Maid Services for her or Handyman Services for him.
Jimmy Pace's Fixer Upper
Jimmy Pace Video Spice
Jimmy and Contractor Carl compare tools, I mean actual tools, as they work through the latest edition of Fixer’ Upper‘. Good news is that Jimmy discovers he might be spicy enough.
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